Monday, December 21, 2009


I am not a sentimental person. But I love traditions. We have some neat Christmas ones, so I am going to share one. For Christmas, my children recieve three gits...that is it....three gifts under the tree. Santa shows up at our house in the form of a stocking...and they are great stocking gifts....but under the tree...THREE. Why is that? When Jesus was born, he recieved three gifts....Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (yes- I checked the spelling). It is a subtle and gentle reminder to my children that this holiday, while fun, and crazy and full of not about them. We will do things such as work soup kitchens, take presents to a family, deliver baskets to police stations and fire stations. We will constantly remind them....JESUS is the reason for this season. I am all for spoiling kids...on their birthdays....but this day....this day, is not about us, me, or is about Christ and celebrating his birth. (fyi feel free to have your own traditions, I am not one of those who is psycho that my traditions are the best - heck - we totally lie to our kids and say there is a santa!)

Second - I have some prayer requests if you have a moment:

1) Terra - I hope Terra doesn't mind me sharing. Terra has been a little under attack. Her famliy had the stomach virus, but her baby girl "K" has been under the weather quite a bit pray little "K" up.

2) Taylor - This is one of my sister's friends. But Taylor is 14 weeks pregnant, and she is so sick that she is on bedrest. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight and has a two year old that she is struggling to take care of.

During this season...pray for those who aren't celebrating Christmas...who can't afford it...who don't feel like celebrating....who are too weak....and be Thankful for what you have.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have not had a lot of time to blog lately. Clearly - from the lack of posts that is obvious. But tonight, I had to post a request for prayer. My sweet neighbor has a little boy, his name is Lawson. Lawson has been in the hospital for a couple of days now, suffering a high fever. I believe they thought they had it under control, but the fever has returned. He has sustained a fever as high as 106 for a couple of days now. Please pray for sweet Lawson. He is a sweet little boy and this is the worst time of year for this to happen. Not that there is ever a good time. He was transferred to OKC this evening. I am only assuming it was to Childrens in OKC. So tonight, pray for Lawson - and for healing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Really...don't let a little Scarlet Fever get ya down! After 24 hours of antibiotics...she is good as new! Here is a video of her in front of our Christmas Tree. Much like the one I posted this morning on FB, but instead of singing into a thermometer, Daddy sprung for a mike. It lights up. If you listen, it also sings Under The Sea from Little Mermaid. Which doesn't bother her a bit..she belts out the song anyway. I crack up, notice how she continues to sing through the mike malfunction....seriously - she is a pro! Much like her mother who can sing without the correct words....(I had to say this before my family did).....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What in the????

Sometimes I feel like things all hit me at once. I guess in the long run that is the best...I mean, really - don't you want all the bad stuff to happen in one week? If you spread it out, life would always be a stinker....right? At least I need to believe that this week. BECAUSE, Monday Greyson is having tubes put in, adenoids removed, and eye surgery to correct his tear duct problem. And to top it off, our insurance has denied the claim. Too many details and TOO big of a check I just cut the three doctors....LOVIN IT! Ragon was diagnosed with Scarlet Fever, sounds much worse than it is. Just strep with a rash that looks a little like a sunburn. David is sick....and to top it off....My sweet grandma "Grandy" lost her husband this afternoon. Folks - that is one shooie week! And it is only wednesday. I am hoping tomorrow brings better health, and reminds me of all the things to be thankful for. Because, I DO have children that can get sick, I have a wonderful husband who is usually healthy, I CAN afford insurance (although it doesn't pay), I have a roof over my head, and a God who loves who am I to complain about a crappy week?

On a fun note, I was thinking about blowing this picture up and hanging it over my bed with candle sconces on each side....what do you think? These are my precious Ragon's hands holding our wedding rings.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Face Lift....

Hey - look at the header...more new pics to come....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Pictures....

Somehow I have managed to convince my husband that all families have their pictures done twice a year! I have found a photographer that is multipurpose for me! Ha! This is going to sound so wierd. BUT - Quincie was not only my labor and delivery nurse for Ragon, she was there when Greyson was born...AND - she takes the most amazing pictures ever!!!!! Here is a link to our recent pics! Click HERE. Quincies does great with the family. My favorite part is that she manages to catch my children's personalities on camera. Also - one of my new favorite pics, that I am going to do something fun with is a picture of Ragon's tiny hands holding our wedding rings...LOVE IT! Anyway - have a good weekend. Give Quincie a call and get some pics done for the Christmas Season. Her website is

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leapin' Louie!

Greyson had his first birthday yesterday surrounded by family! It was so much fun. We had a small family party at Leapin' Louies Lillypad (or something like that!) at the Radisson on 41st and 169. It was so much fun. Have to run, lots to do today, but here are some of the pics. I am sure there is a setting on my camera that would allow me to take pictures indoor with water, but for some reason it wasn't working. Here are the best pics! I am apparently a horrible photographer, I cute off most of the grandparents heads (oops! Sorry Dad and Vicki) and didn't seem to get one photo of an aunt or Uncle! Many thanks to Uncle Greg and Uncle Mike for playing lifeguard! P.S. Note all children are not pictured! This place was so fun, I couldn't catch a glimpse of them all...these are from the times I got them to stop..... Max and Owen...Best friends forever, I think they are being alligators!

Max shooting the super water gun!

Luke trying to shoot the gun with Papa....of course you can't see his head! (sorry papa!)

Daddy and Greyson going down the slide....I think Daddy is too big for the slide!

Cate going down the slide....(see bottom right)

Crawling through the water!

Sutton would stop and shoot me a smile!

And Cooper wouldn't look at me!

Sadie Cakes....lookin' smokin in her suit!

Birthday boy after two pieces of pizza (minus the crust of course)!

Mimi and Greyson...or at least half of Mimi...

Opening presents....

Opening more presents!

And I posted this one twice and can't delete here it is the "Ladies Man" shirt?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Has it been a year???

On Tuesday, my baby is turning 1. I really can't believe it. I can't believe all that has occurred in the past year. We got Sadie, Lukie, Greyson, we built a house, dad had open heart surgery, David started a new business...and the list goes on and on. But I have to say...I am in love with this little boy. He has a hold on my heart....and now I get to be a proud "Boy Mom".


You are such a sweet boy. You are so busy. You crawl around so fast. You have NO desire to walk. It is too cute. You just fly around on your hands and knees. You crawl up on everything, and you get into everything. When we tell you 'no' - you look at us and nod your head no back to us. You love your sister. You call her "bubba" though. I think it is because she calls you bubba. Daddy especially loves you because you evened the male to female ration in the family! My favorite part of the day with you is when you wake up. I can go in and get you, then bring you back to the couch, or my bed and snuggle up. You will sit in my arms snuggled into my side for at least half an hour. I love feeling the weight of you on my chest. You love to play peek-a-boo, play with your sister, and you like to clap...a lot! You are still into pacifiers...take two naps a day, and eat like a little pig. Thank you for being my sweet snuggle boy. I love you forever....


*** Picture is by Quincie or Quincie's Creations

Friday, October 23, 2009

Big Changes....

We have had a big change in our lives. I have not mentioned it, because it only recently happened. My husband decided to leave the current firm he was working at, and go to work with an old friend of ours. I am very proud of him for taking the step out on his own. He is such a good man, and an incredible lawyer, and I am proud of him for following his heart. So we are praying a lot, about our new "business". Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we step out in faith that this is what David was called to do. He has always wanted to start a law firm from the ground up and this was an opportunity he could not pass up. So while we are excited, motivated, full of dreams...we also have some fears. But we are wholeheartedly trusting that this is God's plan, as we bathed this in prayer.

Every night we pray for "Daddy's Business".....probably too much. Ragon has a purse that has scissors, markers, eraser and a ruler. Ragon calls it her "bidness". It is pretty cute. Our whole family is involved in the prayer process. Have a good week, I promise more updates soon! As you can see....we have been busy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Matilda Jane!!!!

I have to admit that I love me some Matilda Jane! I have been dying to go to a trunk show - but for some reason, I can never make it. So I decided, if I have one...for sure I will make it. I discovered this line last year and I am IN LOVE with it. I wish I could wear it! (there are some mom clothes that are super cute!) Anyway - I am having a party on Monday, October 19th from 3:30 - 6:30 (if you come a little later - there is wine involved!) If you don't know Matilda Jane go to I am sending out tons of invites, but I might not get everyone, if you are interested post a comment and I will e-mail you the information and directions to my house. In the meantime - here are some super duper cute pics!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I need a new project, like I need a hole in the head....

I have a short project....but this one is for ME! Click here to look.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ahhhh...NUTS!....(or Wheat)

Today we got a call from Greyson's pediatrician. Greyson has had a CHRONIC runny nose and cough, that continues and then he gets an ear infection. After a month of this, my pediatrician had enough and he ordered some testing. If you have seen my pumpkin pie, I am sure you noticed the redness (eczema) around his little mouth. It is quite noticeable, and if I am honest, it breaks my heart. Not only does it itch my little man, but it attracts some looks, and often comments. It doesn't matter now, because he doesn't know. But one day he will.

Anyway - the pediatrician diagnosed Greyson with food allergies.....yes...that was plural. The list? Eggs, Wheat, Oats, Corn and Soy....go to your pantry and try to find one item that doesn't have ONE of those ingredients. Anyway - to answer the first question on your mind...He does not have Celiac disease. This is a disease...he has an allergy. They have the same treatment, but are not the same in diagnosis. So that is good.

Please pray for me in how we deal with this as a family. I know it might not sound like a big deal to you, after all, he is healthy, we know what is wrong with him, and it is only an allergy. But with this big of a shift in the way he eats, David and I have agreed that our entire family will change the way we eat. When my younger sister Molly was diagnosed with Diabetes, our entire family changed the way we ate. So while at home, we will continue to eat dinner as a family and eat the same meal. I do not want to single him out. (NO advice on this one peeps, we have made a decision. And for the super nosey, yes we will check with Ragon's pediatrician on whether or not this is ok for her).

So please pray for me. I LOVE to cook, especially pasta....if you have any good recipes, let me know. Or just a few words of encouragement wouldn't hurt! And in case you are wondering....I kind of figured about the wheat after we did the initial I witheld should see Bubba's face.....eczema is almost gone!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I got to spend the weekend with my "sissies".....aka my sisters. We had so much fun. We drove to Branson...talked the entire way, and then spent three whole days shopping. It was so much fun. We ate WAY too much Mexican food, and shopped until we literally could shop no more! It was fun, but one of the most fun times, for me at least, was talking with my Momma and sisters. At one point, they were telling me how much they have enjoyed my Ragon. They just told me how much "light" she brings into their lives. How special she makes them feel when they walk into a room. That she always has a smile, is constantly laughing and squeals when she sees you when it has been a whole five minutes sinces she has seen your face!

Ragon- You are the light of your parent's lives. You make us laugh constantly. Your smile and little personality keep us on our toes. Although you definitely have an opinion and like to be heard, you are such a good little girl and make so many good decisions. Although you don't always make the right decisions, you are such a big girl in handling your consequences.

For those of you who either don't know me well (or as a child) or who haven't met Ragon -she is really a "minnie me". She looks like I did (althought that is becoming less and less true) but with brown hair and darker skin. Her personality is almost exactly the same. She can be a toot just like her momma! But this little girl, is the apple of her Daddy's eye. They are two peas in a pod and are hard to seperate. She is such a "Daddy's Girl". I really have no idea what these two would do without eachother. Seeing him love on her makes me love him that much more.

It just got me to thinking how special this little girl is.....and the picture just fit. Here is my "minnie". (outfit courtesy of Noonie) And in case you are wondering, yes...we wear the outfit a lot and yes...she has made numerous requests to wear the minnie mouse shoes in public...and no....I don't let her.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What the???

I am sure you are wondering where I have been. I mean all four of you out there who read our blog are really just scratching your head....right? Well we closed on our house and moved in...since then our life has been crazy busy.

Has been teething. He has EIGHT teeth now, his shirt is always wet and he is crawling and pulling up on EVERYTHING. He is really the sweetest little boy. He is quite the snuggler. He finds just about everything funny. He loves to clap, and when he wants to get your attention, he clicks at you. It is really pretty cute! He says, "mama, dada, and bubba (I think this means sissy)". He is also quite the dancer. If you put on dance music, his face lights up and he moves to the grove!

She is really starting to be a big girl. She told me today that it was "chilly outside" and that it "hurt her feelings" that I didn't let her play in my car. She just had her first trip to the ER the other day for jumping on the bed. She calls it dancing, I call it I call it a "nono". She busted her lip open and looks pretty pathetic. She is really loving the new neighborhood. Every night we go outside, and she runs around with her new "pals" Lillian, Grace and her "long time boyfriend" - she calls him. It is too cute, funny girl moment #1 with Ragon. The other day, Ty (T-BONE) was here and she decided to tell him, "I love you"....Ty paused for a moment and then replied "Thanks"...well sister...that is how it goes...never say it first!

David and I:
David is hard at work taking care of our family. He is playing soccer (we go and watch). It is funny to take Ragon, when he steps on the soccer field, it is like he is a superhero....she won't even go to him. It is pretty cute. She likes to warm up and ask when she can play soccer...don't worry, Daddy has a plan honey! I promise.

As for me, I am on the TU Law Alumni Board and I am currently planning Chilifest 2010 and Spring Gala 2010. I am working with a Judge trying to get him appointed to the District Court Bench. (I will be asking for your help later!). We still have the blog, (and a giveaway this week) I have a couple of adoptions I am working on, and then I am being a mom.

Life is good, pictures will come, when I find my camera! Have a good week.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Design Star....

Really people. I should be on design star....the garage sale version. So I went to a store that I am coming to LOVE. It is called IO Metro. As I have said in previous posts, this house is much more contemporary than any house we have lived in. SO, I really had to start over with decor. I went to IO to find some art. I came across a really cool bambo screen thingy. It was a lot more than I really wanted to spend. In addition, I really needed the big one...and that was pricey. So I decided to make it on my own. (And when I say on "my" own, I really mean "our" - the hubby helped). So here it is kiddos.

Here is the screen I wanted:

Here is the screen I made as it is in my dining room:

I can't believe I am asking this! What do you think? Just so you know...the real version cost a whopping $199.....but the Francy version....$39.99 (actually fifty - but I have $10 worth of stuff to return!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yeah - we moved! I have not had internet or cable for a week, but I am in my house. My children are adjusting (Ragon is having some struggles) but for the most part, we are all loving our new home! And I feel so blessed to have it. Our neighborhood is seriously like the Truman Show. I go outside and all I hear are the laughs of small children. Today after I got home, a new little neighbor girl came up to Ragon and asked "what is your name?". It was too cute...Ragon just looked at her like, come on...everyone knows who I am. She looked back at me and said "Mommy??" Like - what do I say? I told her...and she sweetly looked at the little girl, and said "My name is WAGON"....."I two" was so freakin cute I could have cried. After dinner, she and I went on a walk and she rode her new "motorcycle" (A bicycle from our friends the Bevins). We went down the street and she and the kids rode scooters, bikes, and just ran around. That is until Ragon had a melt down (a new thing she has started doing since we moved). So we went home....but we love our new home, but most of all, we love how great it is for our kids and the friends we have here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This week my little Ray of sunshine is at my parents for the week. She is at "Camp Noonie Papa". Pictures will follow of this camp. In short, at the camp are: Ann Marie, Lauren, Max, Sutton, Owen, Cooper and Ragon. Yep - all seven are with my parents, along with TWO camp counselors. They do all types of fun things. But to be honest, I miss my little "Ray Ray" as we lovingly call her. Lately, I have realized that she is my little ray of sunshine everyday. Of course, Ragon is constantly on the go...she talks non-stop (she comes by this naturally) and she is a little spit fire. But in all of that, she is the sweetest, funniest, most upbeat, hysterical little ray of sunshine for her parents. And tonight I am a little jealous of my parents for getting to enjoy my sweet thing.....sleep tight little girl - your momma loves you - and I will see you Saturday!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Free at last....

I am leaving on a road trip with my girlfriends tomorrow. Crazy, huh? Well not so much. I - at the age of 35 - am a bridesmaid. Am I really a bridesmatron? Is that a thing? So I am so excited, one of my girlfriends is getting married, and I have the honor of being in the wedding. So four other girlfriends of mine from work are driving to Madisonville Texas early in the AM. My sweet hubby has the kids for the weekend. How sweet is he? I am excited for the wedding, excited for the getaway, but I know I will really miss my babies. And to be honest, this will be the first night I spend away from Greyson - my little man! I will probably be sad - but I will be okay. Please pray for safety for us girls and for my family over the weekend! Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Confessions of a Mad Woman....

I am a bad mom...not always, but Monday - I totally failed the "mommy test". I took Ragon to her first movie. I totally talked it up, about how fun it would be. About having a snack, being quiet, etc. Our local movie theatre has a "kids film festival" all summer and offers free movies for kids one day a week during the summer. (for more info all over Tulsa click HERE). Anyway - I took Ragon to ZATHURA. If you have seen this movie, you know where this is going. This movie is NOT for children, in my opinion of any age. Now, generally I am not that conservative, but in the first five minutes one kid called another kid a "D"....another word for penis. YEP! I couldn't believe it. I almost left (and should have) but thought, I talked this up and she, and Greyson, were being so good and watching it, I let it go. But about the time the Robot began chasing the kids through the house trying to kill them...well we were out of there! Seriously - Ragon climbed into my lap, clung to me like a tree frog and said "I scerred". It broke my heart. I am the one who is supposed to protect her little mind and let her keep her innocence. And here I had taken her to her first movie and I hadn't looked it up! I just assumed someone elses' standards met mine! Big mistake. To make matters worse, she screamed bloody murder when I put her to bed, because she was "scerred of the mobie". It literally felt like my heart was being ripped out as I left her! Anyway - the crying was significantly shorter tonight, hopefully past it tomorrow. So the lesson - check out the movies, G ratings are BOGUS nowadays!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Peeps....

A lot of times, people ask me who I use for "this" and who I use for "that", so I am just going to give you a list of where I get things and who I use for services.....Here goes....

Thrift Stores - Baby Emporium and Barely New (both in Broken Arrow)
Builder (that is building my house)
Fertility Doctor
Interior Decorator
My Church
Blog Design (to clarify - she has not done my personal blog - but she did do my adoption blog and it rocked....I am DYING for her to do my personal blog!)

Let me know if I missed any....I will add anyone on! (but you truly have to be one of the peeps I actually use!) Would love to see other's do this! Hope all my links work! Have a great week!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Ok - so I am in a shoe predicament. I shouldn't procrastinate - but at times this Type A momma does. So I am a bridesmade in a wedding on July 11th. I was to get some gold strappy sandals for the wedding. But I CANNOT find ones that I like. Strike that - I did find some I like, but they cost about $130. Not the type of cash I am willing to throw down. So my question - two fold - do you have a pair of cute gold strappy sandals? Or do you know where I can get some? I like a little heel and wear 8.5 - HERE is a link the the one's I like. Just so you know how unsuccessful my trip to purchase shoes was today, attached is a pic of the shoes I DID buy. Trust me - the pic does not do them justice.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best Daddy Ever....

I have to say that my husband is the "best daddy ever". The other day, we went on a date and when we were leaving, Ragon really wanted to "go on a date daddy". So he promised her that he would take her on a date. Today - David and Ragon when on their first official "daddy/daughter date". He had high hopes of taking her to Olive Garden (although I am not sure why) - but she promptly said "I go dat way" pointing to Sonic. He let her pick the meal - corndog, cheddar bites, chicken strips and tater tots....oh yeah - and a blue slush. YUM! Anyway - they ate lunch and Ragon got to sit in the front seat. Then they went to "Chocolate NuVeau" on Main Street across from David's Office. There she picked out chocolate covered caramel and a chocolate covered marshmellow with sprinkles. Don't worry - she hardly ate any of the food - but she had so much fun with her Daddy. And I know her Daddy loved spending time with her. I think this is the start of a tradition for Ragon and Daddy. Here are their pics of the date!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wet your pants, funny.....

Need a good laugh? This is Ragon - she is doing her version of the "boost mobile" commercial. It this hysterical or what? I couldn't stop laughing. First - because she actually STILL fit in the baby bjorn! Seriously - I wanted so badly to walk up and down main street with her like that. The only reason I didn't. Check me out in the picture. I looked like I just woke up and rolled out of the sack. No make-up and I was wearing as David calls - my "mom uniform". Just thought you needed a laugh today. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009


My sweet husband captured this picture of me the evening I had my "procedure". Nice of him, huh? (wanted you all to have a good laugh - even at my expense) All went well - I guess. I don't really know how you know. By the way - can you tell I like anesthesia?

But on Saturday early afternoon, Ragon got really tired...this is not good. She spiked a fever around 12, and it really has only been down while she is on Motrin. It makes me so sad, because my little busy beaver, who typically drives me crazy as she runs around, jumping off things, is just laying around. really breaks my heart as her little droopy eyes look at me to help her! Seriously - it hurts me to see her like this because she literally never sits down, and right now, I can't get her to stand up!!! Anywho - say a prayer for Ragon tonight, for her little fever to go down, so my baby doll with all the energy plays with me tomorrow!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Big day is tomorrow 11:00 a.m. is check in, surgery is 12:00 pm. Very excited....ok - no I am not. I guess I can say I am very excited to get it done with. How about that for truthful. So please pray for me. Funny - I told David tonight I was getting nervous. He simply replied, "I am not, I have prayed about it and I have a peace." My response, "Well I haven't and I don't". There is the truth - peeps. I have NOT prayed about it. I don't know why, I just haven't. I don't know what is wrong with me lately - a little bit of denial probably. I didn't call the doctor to schedule. They called me. I didn't call to do my pre-op, they called me and I had to schedule. But I just did my pre-op today. For a surgery that is tomorrow. So - like I said - I don't know what is wrong with me. A little denial - maybe. A little pissed that I am going through this? Probably. I just need a better attitude. Oh well - granted no one WANTS to have this. I guess I should be grateful that they found it before it was cancerous. Strike that - I SHOULD be thankful they found it before it was cancerous. Anyway - I am done rambling - will update you after surgery. Should be home shortly after procedure is done.

Friday, June 5, 2009

So Purdy....

In case you are wondering. YES - we still live with my parents. So fun - I am sure not so much fun for them, but fun for us. We are really getting into a routine here. Our house is really coming along though. Here is a little sneak peak of the new digs. We are very excited. Hope you all have a good weekend. Can't wait until our new home is done! By the way - if you want to build a house, our BUILDER is awesome!

For those of you who have clicked on the "builder" button, and wondered why my Dad's sight didn't come up. Click HERE take a few minutes to browse through the pricing. Remind yourself that I am a stay at home mom and then hit yourself on the side of the head. We will be building a home with my AWESOME dad builder one day, when our kiddos are a little older and we can afford it. But if you CAN afford it - go Murphy!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I chouch bir poo......

That is code for Ragon. It means "I touched bird poop". Nice - that is what my two year old was yelling at us during dinner tonight. She is getting so big and is such a sweet, albeit energetic, little girl. This weekend David played in a soccer tournament. Ragon and I went to see him and then we went on a date, just mommy, Ragon and Daddy. We took her to the new store on Mingo called Kupcakz. She absolutely loved it and ordered a "pretty in pink" "Coocake" as she calls it. David and I shared a carrot cake cupcake - YUMMY! Fun little afternoon treat. All weekend when David would go to a game and we didn't go, she would just ask me "I go see 'em?". It was too cute. She is really talking up a storm right now.

As for Greyson - well brother is getting big. I wish I could report a lot of developmental milestones. I mean he sits up well, transitions things from one hand to the other, and will roll back to side. But the dude HATES to be on his tummy and he will not roll over to it. He has done it on accident. But apparently figured out how to put a stop to it and hasn't gone there since! Greyson is the easiest little boy. He just hangs out. However, the boy is a squealer. To give you an idea, the other morning we were sitting out on the patio and David commented. "A neighbor is going to call the police because they think we are killing a cat." Yes, my friends, that is what it sounds like. He is eating big boy food, as the picture shows. No negative comments please - I don't care if in your family a rib is inappropriate for a seven month old, in my family - this is acceptable behavior...I mean - I do have a hold of the rib!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

And the answer is....

Wow - third time is apparently not the charm for me. Yep - I failed that test too. Apparently I have some precancerous cells on "old girl". So - going to have a little laser surgery procedure done in a couple of weeks. I do not know what all this entails. So let me know if anyone has had this done. Doctor gave me the option to wait three months and see if it resolves itself. However, I am not apt to leave anything with the word "cancer" inside my body. So I went ahead and asked them to set up the procedure. Will let you know more when I do.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Did you watch Old School? Earmuffs is what they said to the kids so that they would not listen to the following conversation. So for those of you who can't handle the word cervix or vagina....EARMUFFS. Okay - so a couple of weeks ago I had my annual Pap. So much know the drill. The doctor tells you to scooch down....a little father .....ok... a little father. This is hard for me...Sticking my privates in someone's face, albeit my excellent physician, is just not ladylike! But I do it....Anywho - after my pap, I got the dreaded letter. My pap was abnormal, and I have to go in for further "testing". So today, again, I go in for a little "look see" on the old cervix to see what is going on with "old girl" as I lovingly call her. I was hoping that the doctor would not have to do a biopsy. But yet again, I failed the test and the doctor saw some inflammation and did a biopsy. I will get the results on Thursday. Please pray that these come back ok. It appears I might have some precancerous cells growing on my cervix.  I hate the C word. For now, my doctor says don't worry. So I am not worrying. I do have an excellent physician. But at the rate I am going on this "test taking" thing, I just might not pass this test either! Anywho - I will update what do I want? When you are praying, throw a couple up on behalf of my vagina. That was for my friend, Val. She hates the word vagina. (For those of you who are Type A, I realize my vagina is different than my cervix - I just like to make Val cringe). 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jeans.....the ones that fit!

The other day (for my anniversary) my hubby and I went shopping. We decided to go and look for stuff for the new house. That is something that we can both enjoy. But my hubby had a little suprise up his sleeve. You see a while back, I had a jean problem. If you don't recall, click HERE. So my hubby takes me to one of those "young girl stores" that sells jeans. (He had previously promised to buy me some nice jeans, because my other nice jeans don't look as good as they used to, I have lost some of the ghetto in my booty!) So a young girl decides to help us pick out jeans. So I select the "big star" jeans. I really liked them. I sneak into the dressing room, trying to hide that I am the only person over 20 in the entire store and put on my jeans. I have to admit, they were pretty sassy, but in all their sassiness....they were SNUG. And when I say snug, I mean that you could see the freckles on my legs! So I go out and tell the now TWO sales people waiting on me, that I believe them to be a little snug. When yet another sales girls comes up and tells me not to worry, that these jeans stretch up a size. Now, I want to be nice, but you have to understand all the circumstances to get how odd this situation was. The third girl was what we would call a "large" girl. She informs me that all the jeans stretch a size and that hers stretch and now they fit perfectly. Obviously a look of panic set in on my face as David gives me the "the jeans you are wearing are not as tight as hers" look. (Because we have been married SIX years, I can read this look). But this girls jeans were so tight, I literally have NO IDEA how she got them. So I am sitting there looking in the mirror, thinking I look skinny, but secretly wondering if I am as insightful as Salesgirl #3 and in all reality, I am BUSTING out of the jeans and have no idea. Denial set in, I bought the jeans and wore them that night. I have decided I bought the right pair for the following reasons. One, I was able to eat dinner. Two, sitting down and standing up did not create an issue. And finally, the jeans were not so tight as to alter the way I walked. Hence, they are the PERFECT jeans.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Write this down....

I did this a lot last summer. So glad a woman sat down and wrote it all out. I don't know who she is but a lady named made the following lists of FREE or Pretty Cheap family entertainment in the Greater Tulsa Area....So sit is what she has for the WHOLE summer, it is LONG - but it is well worth the read. Also - feel free to cut and paste right off my blog so you get the whole thing....PS I don't think the links will work, so just cut and paste!


Tulsa Library summer reading program, "Be Creative at Your Library."  
You go in and get a form, and then get prizes and coupons for free things for reading certain number of books over the summer (younger children can be read to). We have done it since age 2, and they have programs up through teens. More info at 
Free Reading Reward Program - Barnes & Noble, grades 1-6

Participation is fun and easy way for kids to earn free books. They simply read any eight books — library books, books borrowed from friends or books bought at Barnes & Noble — write about their favorite part, and bring a completed tear page to a Barnes & Noble bookstore. Children then choose their free book from a list of paperback titles. In 2009, we’re partnering with Rick Riordan, author of the “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” series.  For more information and to download and print an Educator’s Kit, 


AMC Theater Summer Movie Camp 
(At Southroads...$1 movies Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. seating first come first serve—proceeds benefit The Children’s Charity and the Will Rogers Institute) 
2009 Schedule
June 17:           
Space Chimps  
June 24:           
Kung Fu Panda            
July 1:              
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 
July 8:              
Tale of Despereaux     
July 15:            
Horton Hears a Who   
July 22:            
The Spiderwick Chronicles      
July 29:            
Nim's Island    
August 5:         
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 

Cinemark Theater Summer Movie Club
Wednesdays at 10 am at Cinemark, 6808 S. Memorial.
*All 10 movies can be purchased in advance for $5.00, or can be purchased separately at the box office for $1.00 per show.
2009 Schedule
June 10            Space Chimps
June 17            Madagascar 2
June 24            Horton Hears a Who
July 1               Arthur and the Invisibles
July 8               Alvin & the Chipmunks
July 15             Kung Fu Panda
July 22             Tales of Desperaux
July 29             Hotel for Dogs
Aug. 5              Igor
Aug. 12            Open Season
RiverWalk Free Summer Kids Film Festival
At RiverWalk in Jenks. FREE. Mon. Tues., Wed., at 11:30 & 1:45, June 1-Aug. 5.
June 1,2,3                    Flushed Away
June 8,9,10                  Alvin & the Chipmunks
June 15, 16, 17            RV
June 22, 23, 24            Shark Tale
June 29, 30, July 1       Kung Fu Panda
July 6, 7, 8                   Zathura
July 13, 14, 15             Monster House
July 20, 21, 22             Madagascar 2
July 27, 28, 29             Hotel for Dogs
Aug. 3, 4, 5                  Open Season



First Friday Concert Series – LaFortune Park

Bring your favorite lawn chair or blanket and sit back and relax while local bands present family friendly music from all genres. Located in the Gardens of LaFortune Park (off 51st Street, just west of Hudson) our First Friday Concerts kick off each month from May - September with free entertainment 7-9 pm.

June 5             Vance Orange Project (Rock/Blues)

July 10             Three Hour Tour (Classic Rock/60’s & 70’s)

August 7         Radio Soul (Pop, R&B, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s Rock)

Sept. 11          Wanda Watson (Blues)


Music Sandwiched In
Each Wednesday in May over lunch (12:10-12:50 p.m.) you can experience jazz, the universal language of cool, during Music Sandwiched In at Central Library’s Aaronson Auditorium, Fourth Street and Denver Avenue. Free.

May 6 -- Annie Ellicott. She may be young, but her voice is timeless and her American jazz performances are unforgettable. As a recipient of the Tulsa Jazz Society’s 2008 Legacy Tribute Award, she quickly has established herself as Tulsa’s jazz sweetheart and one of the city’s most sought-after performers.
May 13 -- Olivia Duhon and Vernon Howard
. Giving a new twist to old jazz standards. As a recent graduate of the University of Tulsa and a former member of the TU Jazz Band, Duhon shines as a bright, new performer on the local jazz scene. Accompanied by Howard, director of jazz studies at TU, this duo will perform classics like “Fly Me to the Moon” and Joni Mitchell’s “Court and Spark.”
May 20 -- Chuck and Sandy Gardner
. They have performed at Carnegie Hall, the Johnny Carson Show and Caesar’s Palace. As a regularly featured band at the Jazz Hall of Fame and Tulsa Jazz Society, SCORE’s signature “elegant American jazz” act is a local favorite.

May 27 -- Donald Ryan. One of Tulsa’s most respected classical, ragtime and jazz pianists. He is a faculty member at Oral Roberts University and serves as the musical advisor on ragtime for Tulsa’s board of directors. Jim Bates, bassist, and Arthur Thompson, drummer, will accompany Ryan.

Starlight Concerts
Free concerts held Tuesday nights outside at the River Parks Festival Amphitheater, 2100 S. Jackson. All concerts begin at 8 p.m. Tentative dates for 2009 -- check for updates here: 
June 16
Jazz Band - Contemporary Jazz 
June 23           
Concert Band - Medley Night 
June 30           
Concert Band - Americana Night 
July 7               
Concert Band - A Tribute To Super Heroes 
July 14             
Concert Band - Circle Cinema Movie Night 
July 21             
Jazz Band - Big Band Hits 

Broken Arrow Tuesdays in Central Park outdoor concerts
All concerts are held starting at 7 p.m. at Central Park, 1500 South Main, in downtown 
Broken Arrow. In the event of inclement weather, concerts will be moved to the North Intermediate High School Auditorium located at 808 East College.. The concerts are free and open to the public. 
June 2 
Missourians/Eternity (Gospel Night)
June 9 
Grady Nichols (Jazz)
June 16 
Mike Bennett (Big Band)
June 23 
Mary Cogan (Soft Rock) 
June 30
 - Les Gilliam (Country)
Summer’s 5th Night at Utica Square

Every Thursday through August, 7-9 pm.
Utica Square’s summer concert series serves up everything from jazz to rock to country. There’s something different every Thursday and best of all, it’s free! Pack a picnic or dine at one of our great restaurants as you unwind to your favorite local bands. Put on your dancing shoes, catch up with family and friends and win great prizes like Utica Square gift certificates and merchandise from Utica Square merchants.
May 21            
Light Opera Oklahoma (Musical Theater)
May 28
            Mid-Life Crisis (Classic Rock)
June 4
             Earl Clark (Jazz)
June 11
           Admiral Twin (Rock))
June 18
           Sean Adair & Okie Island (Country)
June 25
           Scott Ellison  (Blues/Rock)
July 2
               Red Dirt Rangers (Country)
July 9               
Joseph Vincelli (Jazz)
July 16
             Jessica V. and the Rhythmatics (Rhythm & Blues)
July 23
             Random Sample (Country & Rock)
July 30
             Usual Suspects (Rock) 
August 6
         Something Steel (Island Music)
August 13
       Annie Ellicott w/Brian Haas Trio (Jazz)
August 20
       Mid-Life Crisis (Classic Rock)
August 27
       Grady Nichols (Smooth Sax)
RiverWalk Concert Series
Free outdoor concerts at the RiverWalk in Jenks. For additional dates and other Riverwalk events, go  here: 
May 8, 6 pm               
J3 Band (Jazz/Blues)
May 15, 8 pm             
Meridian (Rock & Blues)
May 22, 8 pm                
4 Players Band
May 28, 7 pm             
Francesca Battistelli 
May 29, 8 pm             
Touch of Aloha Hula Dancers 
June 5, 8 pm               
RadioRadio, Opening Act: Ziff 
June 6, 8 pm               
Hurricane Mason 
June 11, 7 pm
             John Waller 
June 13, 8 pm             
Miles Raulston 
June 18, 7 pm             
Jubiliation Choir 
June 19, 8 pm             
Juke Box Hero 
June 20, 8 pm             
June 26, 8 pm             
Michael Ray Little Band 
June 27, 8 pm             
Hot Shot Karate 


Unless otherwise noted, call 596-PARK (7275) for information or to register

Admission fees this year will be $2 per person. The 7 pools scheduled to open this summer are below – call 596-7275 for hours.
,  2134 N. Madison Pl. 
, 7440 E. 7th St. 
 , 3003 E. 56th St. 
, 4233 S. Yukon  Ave. 
 , 3903 W. 4th St.

Berry, 5002 N. Wheeling

Whiteside, 7440 E. Pittsburg Ave. 
Pools open with Beach Bash
 – May 30, noon-3pm, at McClure Park Pool (7440 E. 7th St.) Kick off the Summer Pool season with ice cream, music, and pool races. Admission is free! 
Tennis in the Parks
 – June 8-July 18 at most Community Centers. 
Practice matches in June, and League play in July in four divisions for ages 6 through 18. Cost of $46 (Lacy and Chamberlain - $6) includes t-shirt and awards.  Call 596-2527 for info. 
Hook A Kid On Golf
 – Five-day morning sessions starting June 22 and July 13 
Designed for ages 8 -13 for boys and girls. Enrollment fee of $186 includes golf shirt, and starter clubs. All lessons and games occur at Page Belcher Golf Course – 6666 S. Union Ave. Limited Space; call 596-2527 for info. 
Kids Triathlon
 – July 25, McClure Park, 8am 
Youth ages 6 through 15 can sign up for either the short or long course. Includes swimming, biking, and running with medals of completion for all finishers. Early Bird entry fee of $25 includes a t-shirt. Call 596-2527 for info. 
Summer Day Camps
 - Registration has already begun. Ages 6-11. Rates vary. 
Sessions: #1: June 1-12, #2: June 15-26, #3: June 29-July 10, #4: July 13-24, #5: July 27-August 7, and #6: August 10-14 
At the following Community Centers:
, 4940 N. Frankfort Ave., 591-4155 
 3443 S. Mingo Road 669-6355 
 2134 N. Madison Place 596-1470 
 5251 E. Newton St. 596-1444 
 7440 E. 7th Street 669-6678 
 560 N. Maybelle Ave. 596-1485 
 4233 S. Yukon Ave 591-4307 
 3503 E. 5th Place 596-1444 
 4009 S. Pittsburg Ave 746-5040 
 3903 W. 4th St. 596-1485 
Specialty Camps-Teen
 – All Sessions (Ages 12-14) - $150 
7440 East 7th Street 669-6678 
Specialty Camps-Theater
Clark Theater
 – Sessions 2, 3, & 4 only (Ages 8-14 & 11-17) - $150 
11440 E. Admiral Place 669-6455 
Heller Theater @ Henthorne
 (Ages 11-17) July 27-Aug. 7 - $150 
4825 S. Quaker Ave. 746-5065 
Specialty Camps-Art
WaterWorks Art Center
 - half days only 
Ages 7-12 (Sessions 1-5) - $120. Ages 12-15 (Sessions 5&6) - $180 
1710 Charles Page Blvd. 596-2440 
Other Tulsa Park events include classes in Martial Arts, Soccer, T-Ball, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Swim Lessons, and Dance. Pick up a Tulsa Parks Fun Guide for more information, or visit


Tulsa County Parks also has swimming pools and other programming at LaFortune (51st & Yale); O’Brien, 6149 N. Lewis Ave.,  and Chandler, 6500 West 21st St., but doesn’t have details about hours, etc., online (and I am too lazy to call!) – for information check their website at or call 596-5990.




Gilcrease Museum-Kids Dig Books, Summer on the Plains
FREE. Fridays, 10-11 am. June 5, 12, 19 & 26;  July 3, 10, 24 & 31
Listen to stories of summertime on the Western plains in which children explore their natural surroundings and the freedom the long warm days bring. Then create a work of art based on these adventures.

Also at Gilcrease, if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend the Creative Learning Center: 
It’s a free art center with all kinds of activities available to the kids. They can make and take projects using painting, clay, weaving, etc.  
Gilcrease offers free admission to all visitors on the first Tuesday of each month (“TU TUesday”). For more information, 
Philbrook Museum-Free 2nd Saturday
Every 2nd Saturday of the month is Free Family Day.  Drop in anytime from 10:30 am – 4 pm. Experiment with fun materials to make hands-on art projects, go on a scavenger hunt, take a family-friendly tour of the museum, and so much more on this day specifically for families.
Thanks to Heyman Family Adventures in Art. 

Oklahoma Aquarium
Get a free admission for a child for going to the dentist...print out the form here and get dentist to sign. 
Oxley Nature Center
In Mohawk Park – free.
With more than 9 miles of trails covering 804 acres, the Mary K.. Oxley Nature Center at Mohawk Park is one of Tulsa’s treasures. The gates open daily (except City holidays) at 8 a.m. and close at 5 p.m., although the trails are open as early as 7 a.m. or as late as 9 p.m. to hikers who park outside the gates. 
Visitors may pick up maps and trail information at the Oxley-Yetter Interpretive Building 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mon.-Sat. and 12 noon-4:30 p.m. on Sunday. The Interpretive Building houses inter-active, hands-on exhibits explaining the local natural history. Gift shop, restrooms, drinking water and a classroom are also available. For more information, call 669-6644.
Grand opening for the newly remodeled Interpretive enter is June 27, 9-5 pm—join us for all kinds of fun activities!
Redbud Valley Nature Preserve
Free. Natural diversity is protected at Redbud Valley Nature Preserve. Located on North 161st East Avenue about 3.8 miles north of I-44, Redbud Valley Nature Preserve protects 220+ acres of unique plant and animal life. The rugged one-mile trail is open to hikers only when the gates are open: Wed.-Sun., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. The Barclay Visitor Center is open 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Pets are not permitted. The Preserve is closed every Monday and Tuesday, and most holidays. For more information, call 669-6460.


Farmers Markets

(A variety of local Farmers Markets offer fresh local produce, crafts, plants, herbs and more. Most Markets run May through October. Great place to wander around with the kids, and one of the few where you can actually buy them a healthy snack!)

Cherry Street Farmers Market 
15th Street and Peoria Ave., Saturdays, 7 am-11 am.


Brookside Farmers Market 
41st & Peoria, Wednesdays, 8 am-noon. 

Pearl District Farmers Market
6th Street and Peroria Avenue, Thursdays, 4:30-7 pm
Downtown Tulsa Farmers’ Market
3rd & Boston, Williams Green, Tuesdays, 10:30 am -2 pm 
North Tulsa Farmers Market
2620 E. 56th St. North, Saturdays, 8:30am-12:30pm, starts first week of June. 
Owasso Farmers Market
Owasso YMCA, 8300 Owasso Expressway, in Owasso just off U.S. 169, Wednesdays & Saturdays, 8 am-noon. 
Jenks Farmers Market , Riverwalk: 

RiverWalk, Saturdays, 7 am-noon. 

Broken Arrow Farmers Market
418 South Main St., Saturdays, 8 am-noon.



Tulsa Mayfest, May 14-17 (11 am-11 pm Thursday-Saturday, and 11 am-6 pm Sunday) 
Downtown Tulsa. FREE Family-oriented outdoor tribute to the arts, with an array of dance and music performances in addition to the many visual arts booths and four indoor galleries (including a Youth Gallery at the PAC) and a newly revamped KidZone sponsored by St. Francis at the new park at 6th and Main.  Always one of the major highlights of spring, Mayfest is planned to encompass some of the very best in both the exhibit and performance areas.  For listing of exhibitors and performers or other information, go to 
Blue Dome Arts Festival, May 15-17 (noon-9 pm, Friday; 10 am-8 pm Saturday; 11 am-4 pm Sunday)
Located at 1st & 2nd Streets at Elgin, the Blue Dome Arts Festival features hundreds of local artists.  It’s fun to wander over here before or after Mayfest. For more information, go to
Downtown Tulsa Adventure Fitness Walk, May 23, 9 am-noon
FREE. Discover downtown Tulsa in a new way. Join a tour, beginning at Owen Park at 500 N. Maybelle and continuing through the streets of Tulsa. Tour guides will explain the city's beautiful Art Deco history and more. The tour involves considerable walking, so wear comfortable shoes. Ages 10 and older.   


 Tulsa Tough, May 29-31

A three-day cycling festival designed to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles while showcasing the beautiful city of Tulsa. Tulsa Tough offers events and spectating opportunities for everyone with professional-level racesrecreational and tour rides,kids and youth activitieslive music and vendors in one action packed weekend.  For more information, go to


Bartlesville’s SunFest, June 5-7 
“Oklahoma’s Biggest Outdoor Picnic” returns for a long weekend with its trademark combination of 

 A relaxed, family picnic atmosphere.
 Quality, cost-free entertainment.
 A diverse range of arts and crafts.
 Creative, supervised activities for children.
 Terrific food in abundant variety.
 An eye-popping car show.

This free premier arts & entertainment festival – now in its 27th year – is held in Sooner Park located at Madison Boulevard and Tuxedo Avenue in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Parking is available in several lots near the park. For information: 

Asian-American Festival, June 6

FREE. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 6, at Martin Regional Library, 2601 S. Garnett Road.

Celebrate and learn about the customs and traditions of Asian-Americans with entertaining, educational events for the entire family as Tulsa City-County Library presents the seventh annual Asian-American Festival.

Explore the colorful cultures of China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries in Asia. The festival kicks off at 10:45 a.m. with a vibrant Dragon Dance, featuring a 70-foot dragon from China, and includes martial arts demonstrations; Kyoto, Japan art exchange exhibit and workshop; manga exchange and workshop; bamboo flute music; classical Indian dance; traditional Chinese dance; a Japanese tea ceremony; and children’s dances and songs in Japanese and English.

Numerous activities and presentations are scheduled indoors throughout the festival, including interactive educational booths featuring crafts for kids, temporary tattoos, name translation, henna painting and origami instruction. The festival also features authentic arts and crafts booths. Food concession is provided by India Palace, located at 69th and Lewis.


Tulsa FreedomFest '09, July 4 
Annual July 4th celebration held at the River West Festival Park and Veterans Park featuring fireworks, entertainment, activities, food & beverages. Fireworks are shot from the 21st Street Bridge at approximately 9:30 p.m. Contact River Parks at 596-2001 for more details 
DFest, July 24-25
Downtown in the Blue Dome District, music conference and festival showcasing 130+ artists of the best emerging independent artists in the country including Oklahoma, Regional and National performers. Tickets required for entry into stages, but you can wander around and see exhibits and hear some music for free – for families, probably best in afternoon and early evening.  For more information, go to 

Tulsa Drillers
The national pasttime and a good way to spend a few summer hours. We love Tulsa baseball! Tickets are cheap and there are always specials and giveaways from free tickets to 50 cent hotdogs. For a list of various promotions, go here: 
A couple of promotion highlights: Free tickets are available for the following games: May 29 (pick up tickets at all WalMart locations); June 10 (all QuikTrips) June 24 (all Arby’s), Aug. 25 & 26 (free tickets at ALL advertisers.) 
There are several “Kids Eat Free” nights, where kids can go on the field for a free clinic and with a paid admission, they get a free hot dog, milk and ice cream -- June 11, June 28,  July 12 and Aug. 16. 
And even if you don’t feel like watching the game, be sure to check the list for one of the nights that will feature fireworks after the games – they put on really impressive shows (better than many 4th of July shows) and you can join the hundreds of people who congregate in the Lowe’s or Walgreen’s parking lot or in nearby neighborhoods to watch. 

Blue Bell Broken Arrow Ice Cream Plant- Taste of Summer, June 29
8201 E. Hwy 51, Broken Arrow, June 29, Saturday, 9 am–3 pm
The annual Community Open House hosted by one of Broken Arrow's favorite and best-known businesses. ALL the ice cream you can eat. Jupiter Jump for the kids, ice cream eating contest, live entertainment, plant tours and much more. Admission $4 for adults with kids under 6 free. 

Woolaroc Kidsfest, June 27 & 28
10 am-5 pm -- Regular Woolaroc admission (adults $8, over 65 $6 and children 11 and under are FREE) at the great family museum/ranch southwest of Bartlesville.
Kidsfest features events, games, crafts and entertainment presented on the Woolaroc grounds where visitors can enjoy all of the activities in the rustic outdoor environment, along with the natural beauty of the Osage Hills, the historic art and artifacts in the Woolaroc Museum and the animals on the Wildlife Preserve.  Kids can participate in a variety of activities, such as pony rides, wagon rides, treasure dig, face painting, Carpenter's corner, tattoos, beaded necklaces, Indian head bands, native sand art, rock painting, bean bag games, and lots of nature crafts. Our living history booths will include horseshoeing, saddle & boot makers, bridle, bit and spur makers, woodcarvers, silversmiths, flint knapping, rope making, black-smithing, old west re-enactors and lots more. More info at: 
Bartlesville Kiddie Park
A fun and cheap park for younger kids (probably best up to age 7 or 8). Some of the rides were so mild that even very young toddlers can ride them safely. No admission charge and ride tickets are 25 cents -- almost all rides are just one ticket, so you can have a lot of fun for only a few bucks. At least last year, concessions were good "fair fare" and cheap -- $1 cotton candy, 75 cents snowcones, etc. A few things adults could ride, plenty of benches to sit on and watch the kids. There also were wandering clowns, face painting, etc. Good old-fashioned summer fun! 
It's open through the summer, only in the evening:  Fridays and Saturday evenings through May, then open Tues-Thurs 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm; Fri-Sat 7:00 pm -10:00 pm. Closed Sundays, Mondays & the 4th of July. If you want to make it the quintessential summer date -- go early enough to stop at the Bartlesville Sonic on the way -- you pass it on your way to the Park, and it's the only Sonic I've seen with a big outdoor playground.
It is located at 215 N. Cherokee Ave. in Johnstone Park. For info or directions, go to . 
Free Family Fishing Clinics
The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation hosts free family fishing clinics at the Zebco casting pond, located adjacent to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks.  The two-hour clinics begin at 6:30 p.m. and conclude with fishing in the small pond, which is regularly stocked with good-sized channel catfish, which the novice anglers can take home for the dinner table is they so choose. Clinics are open to all ages, not just children, but kids 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 
Here’s the schedule for this year: 
May 19, 21 & 28; June 2, 4, 16, 18, 23 & 25; July 7, 14, 21 & 28;  Aug. 4 & 11. Pre-registration is required -- to register call the Wildlife Department's Jenks office at (918) 299-2334.   
For a complete schedule of other locations and events, go to:

Bixby Green Corn Festival, June 25-27
Enjoy this old fashioned family fun festival held in downtown Bixby hosted by the Bixby Optimist Club! Enjoy the Pride of Texas carnival, crafts, live music, food and fun games and events for all. Proceeds from the festival will fund youth projects and scholarships provided by the Optimist Club of Bixby. For more info, visit 
Porter Peach Festival
, July 16-18
Downtown Porter. Rodeo, music, arts, 5k run, carnival rides, free peaches and cream!
For more infromation, or 694-9314. 
Free Bowling
Kids can bowl free all summer long at Andy Bs, 
located at 8711 S Lewis Ave. Just go to this and register each child, and receive free bowling passes every week by email. Registered children can bowl 2 games free every day all summer long! 


For Teens - Youth Services of Tulsa Coffee House 
Come on by any Saturday, bring your friends and relax at the YST Coffee House. 
Same time, same place: Every Saturday night, 7-11 pm, 
311 S. Madison (1/2 mile West of Peoria on 3rd St).
The YST Coffee House has Wi-Fi! So, bring your personal connection devices and etc. 
with you to the Coffee House while you enjoy your free coffee and cappuccino.

Get Ready, Set, Take a Stand
Kind of neat thing, for kids 7-12, an offer from Sunkist for a free lemonade stand kids can use to raise money for their favorite charity. 
Free Kids Workshops - Home Depot

This is at 9 am on the first Saturday of the month...they can build all kinds of cool projects, with all supplies provided free. I have been doing with the kids from ages 3  and up. 
Free Kids Workshop at Lowes
Similar deal, the second Saturday of the month at 10 am. Both of these are actually year-round.
Tulsa Kids Summer Guide
For Tulsa Kids summer camp and activities guide, go here: 


Aaaaand, if that isn’t enough, here is a list of fun summertime crafts you can do at home: 

Kool-Aid Play Dough

2- 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
2 pkg. unsweetened Kool-Aid
2 cups boiling water
3 tablespoons vegetable oil 

Mix all dry ingredients together. Add water and oil and stir. Knead with hands when mixture is cool. Store in air-tight container. This recipe lasts for several months.

"I Spy" water bottles
Use rice, birdseed or sand to fill the water bottle about 3/4 of the way up and add a bunch of small trickets (buttons, doll shoe, jingle bell, coins, earring, etc.) Super glue the top on to keep it from opening up. Make a label of everything included and attach it to the bottle neck with a ribbon – kids can spend hours looking for all the items. I had little label to tie to the top with everything they neede to find.  
Dyed Pasta
(use for crafts, to make necklaces, glue on paper for designs)
1. Pour 1/8 cup of rubbing alcohol (or ¼  cup vinegar) into a plastic resealable bag
2. Add a few drops of food coloring to the plastic bag
3. Add ½ lb of dry pasta to the plastic bag
4. Seal the bag and shake, making sure that the past gets coated with coloring
5. Set out sheets of wax paper
6. Put on rubber gloves
7. Remove the past from the plastic bags and place on the wax paper to dry
8. Repeat steps 1 through 7 for each color
9. Make sure pasta is completely dry befor storing in containers/plastic bags

Sidewalk paint

1part corn starch 1 part water  , few drops of food coloring (more if you want brighter colors)... I use the platic cups we get at resturaunts to  mix it in.  the paint brushes you get to paint on walls work better (get 1'' and 1/2" ones)  When the paint dries it looks really cool... but when you are tired of it just sweep it away.  If it leaves a slight stain don't worry the sun will fade it away in a day.   It also comes off clothes easy.  My kids can paint for hrs... let them paint rocks, flower pots, even the house. You can put the paint in shallow pans to let them dip their feet in and make foot prints... really cute


Salt Dough

1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

1/2 cup water

1 tablespoon cooking oil (optional)

This is the most basic and time tested dough mixture. First mix all the ingredients together. Next knead the dough for at least 10 minutes. The kneading will make the dough smooth and shinny. Floor your hand to prevent the dough from sticking. This dough can be baked in a low (250 degree) oven and then painted. Spray with a varnish for added shine.


Bubble recipe

11 cups of water
4 cups Ajax Anti-Bacterial dish soap
1 cup corn syrup

Will fill a gallon milk jug and will store indefinitely if kept cool.

And a few good sites for summer activities, games, crafts, etc.: