Friday, January 22, 2010

Color Your World...

I have been trying to think of a way to write this all week. When we grew up, our entire neighborhood was white. By white, I mean the race of our neighborhood, schools and family was entirely white. However, my parents weren't ok with us having the "idea" that this was what the world was like. I specifically remember my Dad taking us to an all black church in Tulsa one time. It was a really neat experience. We were shown other cultures, and taught from a very young age that Race is just the color of your skin.

As I raise my children, MY family has changed. Our family is NOT all the same color. Some of us are white....some a little olive...some pretty tan...others you might call brown...some are REALLY white (don't be offended Blake - it is said out of love) and some are REALLY brown! But one thing I have made a purpose in doing is making sure my children grow up in a world of color! My friends are all colors, my co-workers are all colors, we have friends whose families are all colors....our dolls are all colors, and children in the books we read are all colors.

I was brought up this way. That the color of one's skin, says nothing about the person. I was never told not to bring home a boy of a different race. I WAS told never to bring home a boy who was not a Christian. This week, when we remember a great man who fought for Civil Rights.... we must do our part as parents to make sure our children are colorblind. ALL families have to do this. Racism exists in every race....but as parents we have to be purposeful in making our children accept everyone for who they are....not the color of their skin.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I am such a bad mom lately - I have so neglected my blog. But I have a bunch of stuff I need to post, but today - it will be about my chillins...

Ragon is an absolute hoot. I am a little afraid. Sister is so smart. She is talking up a storm and most of what she says makes sense. She is an obedient little girl, but she is so strong willed. She really has an opinion about what she wants to do and how we do it (wonder where she gets it?). She loves gymnastics, dancing, Wonderpets, Ruby and Max. She almost always has a babydoll in her arms and loves playing mommy. She constantly immitates me (scary huh?). Today I was ordering something online, and when I turned around, she was in the chair next to me with her pink (fake) laptop. She is such a happy little girl and very very silly. She loves her friends Ty, Lillian, Kyndal and Eason. She talks mostly about her cousins, though. She is the apple of her daddy's eye and seeing them together warms my heart.

Greyson is really coming into his own. It wasn't clear until the last two weeks how much his ears were bothering him. He talks up a storm, is a lot less clingly and whiney and is working hard on walking. He will mimick almost any sound I make. He is sleeping so much better and most of the time he is standing...but not quite walking....any day now! He is still a little on the thick side...just like I like em! But it wasn't until lately that we learned what a ham he is. He loves to look at you and then wiggle his head side to side and roll his eyes and then he just dies laughing. He thinks he is hysterical! He loves hide and seek. But his favorite thing in the world is to play with his sissy....whom he calls Bubba...well it is what she calls him, so it does make sense!

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas. The most beautiful part was when Ragon would tell me that it was Jesus' birthday....and when I would ask her where is Jesus? She would point that little chubby hand at herself and say "in my heart"...."and in your heart mommy"....sweet sweet moments.

I was going to include photos...but I can't get them to upload....maybe later!