Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ragon is THREE!!!!

Happy Birthday Sister....The pics are out of order - But enjoy!
Twirl time at the gymnastics party.

The Bevins Crew!

The Crew....

Bevins, Grunewalds, and a Francy!

Papa and Greyson


Ragon's Birthday Party!

Birthday Donuts...Hey - it is what she wanted!

Aren't they totall cute???

Happy 3rd Birthday Ragon!

Ragon - I hope you always know how much Mommy and Daddy love you. You are such a sweet little girl. You have big eyes, that are bright and full of life. Everything you do is with a squeal and a twirl. You are such a girly girl. You love dress up, playing with baby dolls, and coloring. You also love to relax and watch "toons". Your favorite are Imagination Movers (we call this your "boy band"), WonderPets and Little Einsteins. You can count to thirty, ride a bike (with training wheels), say the alphabet, cut with scissors, ride a scooter, and tell me a word that starts with every letter in the alphabet.

You have the biggest personality in the world. You are full of smiles, and extremely passionate. Like your mom, you feel things strongly. You are a very funny little girl and talk until my ears bleed. You talk a lot about Jesus, and work very hard at acting like Jesus. My favorite part of you right now is that you try to imitate me. You spend time trying to wear clothes that match mine and often try to imitate my actions. Which makes your Mommy work very hard to set a good example. I love you are a ray of light to your family!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Fling WINNERS!!!!!

FYI: The drawing was done as fairly as possible. I lined up the items on the fireplace, we went from left to right and a THREE year old (not my own) drew them out of a bag. We figured it would be more fair because he couldn't read! HeeHeeHee!!!

Uppercase Living $30 Gift Certificate - LeighAnne Phelps
Plate and Photo Album from Blessings Unlimited - Emily Schluteis
Stella and Dot Pearl Earrings - Megan Neal
Cheesecake Trio from Homemade Gourmet - Leslie Meade
Matilda Jane Half Price Item - Kathy Hitchcock
Duffle Bag from Tickled Sew Pink - Carole Ducato
Scentsy Plug In and Refills - Jessica Gross
Pretty Tags - Randy Young

Matilda Jane Girls - The RAVEN Skirt that we were all dying for is back in, in size 10 and 18 Months...TO DIE FOR! So - if you want one, better e-mail Heather PRONTO!

The Stella and Dot party is still open. To order, just click on the above link and enter Becki Francy as your hostess!!!

Scentsy is still open as well. Just e-mail Ashley directly.

All the other vendors are always open for business. AND I learned the Homemade Gourmet - DeAnna Bottomly will deliver to your house! Not that is my kind of cooking!

Contact me if you won a gift!

The Plaid Button Bow - Sarah Lundin

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Fling is Officially Open!!!

I forgot one vendor on the original blog! Uppercase Living is going to be at my house! If you haven't see Uppercase, you MUST take a look! Click HERE to see their stuff. In short - it is the wall decor that you apply directly to the wall! They will be providing a $30 free wall art - in the Giveaways!

Stella and Dot Party is officially open! SO - if you place an order HERE. Just remember to enter Becki Francy as your hostess and you will be entered for the giveaways! See - you can work on Mondays and still make purchases and win free prizes! But make sure and enter my name - if you forget we won't know and you won't be entered!!!!

Matilda Jane has a new feature! Go to and shop! All you have to do is select what you want and hit "Wish List" and you will have the shopping list ready to go!!!! Bring it with you to the party and it is shopping made easy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Megan Neal....I love you!

Ok know I can be handy - but who knew we could do this! Megan Neal - our awesome decorator gave us this idea for our breakfast nook. I had a huge wall that needed filling, with color but also with something simple. I told Megan I wanted fork and spoon concept. This is what she came up with, and David and I did it! Here are the before and after pics....picture quality is poor but you get the gist...also - leave a comment and tell Megan to start a blog or website. Also - do you need her info?????

And if you are looking for info on the Spring Fling....scroll down!