Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pretty Please....

Friends - please for the next four weeks, post the following blog site to your blog:


I would really appreciate your support in this! Thank you so much!

Sunday, September 26, 2010



TICKLED SEW PINK: via emali @ tickledsewpink@yahoo.com

STELLA AND DOT: go to http://www.stelladot.com/ and enter Becki Francy as your hostess so you get credit

Want to order Matilda Jane and cannot go? go to http://www.matildajaneclothing.com/ and shop by doing the wishlist - email the wishlist to heathers@matildjaneclothing.com Make sure she knows your order is for my party! Easiest way is to shop by size!!!

Want to order personalized Hot Packs? They are scented too! Pick your scent and pattern. Cost is $15. Call Vicki Francy at 640-2225.

Need to schedule your family pictures? Call Quincie or Email her and get your appointment. As long as you have paid by the date - then you will go in the hopper! To get her information go to: http://www.quinciescreations.com/

What about pretty tags? Email LeAnne Phelps at: leanne@nathanwphelps.com

ONCE AGAIN: You must notify the vendor that you are ordering for the Fall Festival in order to go into the drawing - otherwise, they won't record it for you!!! Hope you can come by!!!

I am having a huge Fall Festival at my mom's house! You are invited. Following are all the vendors that will be present. So mark it on your calendar! Save up your bucks, and stop by!

Matilda Jane - New Fall Line

Stella and Dot - Jewlrey

The Plaid Button - Bows
As seen in Tulsa's Coolest Kid Store - Kate 918

Scentsy - Candles

Tickled Sew Pink - Monogramming

Homemade Gourmet - Cooking Help

Pretty Tags - Bag Tags

I will have FREE giveaways! So please take time to come by and see! Everyone gets tickets based on their purchases. BUT - if you bring a friend - you get two tickets - no purchase necessary - and a better chance to win! So come and bring a friend! And get free stuff! Comment with your address if you want to make sure and get an invite! Otherwise - YOU ARE INVITED! BTW - IF YOU CANNOT COME...e-mail me or facebook me and tell me what you are interested. I will hook you up with the rep - they will notify me of your purchase and you will be entered into the free prize drawing!!!! Do not need to be present to win!



10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.


5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.


Children Welcome

MURPHY RESIDENCE (not at my house this time!!!)

(email me and I will give you address )

GIVEAWAYS: $50 towards Stella and Dot, 1/2 Price Matilda Jane Item, Scented Hot Pack, Tags from Pretty Tags, Scentsy Warmer and Scents, 11x14 Portrait from Quincies Creations, and merchandise from The Plaid Button and Tickled Sew Pink.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cherishing Today....

Today is a day that my heart is heavy. This morning, I went to the cemetery. I got a call from a sweet friend, and she was taking flowers to her children's graves (for one's fifth birthday). She asked that I meet her there. I had the honor of sitting with her as we cleaned their graves, pulled away the leaves and placed flowers in the vases. I sat there with such a heavy heart. She didn't say much...as there really isn't anything to say. But my heart hurt as I listened to her silence...sniffles and watched the tears and they snuck from beneath her sunglasses. I can only imagine if I was hurting, how torn her heart must have been at that moment.

When I got back in my car, I looked in my rear view mirror....and I lost it. I saw the sweet blue eyes of my son and began thinking about his surgery on Monday. I became fearful with thoughts of all the bad things that could happen. My mind was running in circles. You know how fear is....but then I had such peace for two reasons. As we were leaving, my friend told me what she had heard on the radio. Read it HERE. The second reason is that I know...I know....I KNOW - that God does not give me a spirit of fear....it is Satan. And so - I put the car in drive, wiped the tears from my eyes and said to myself, "God has got this".

So my thought was this....cherish today. Fear steals your joy. I could have spent the day sad, dreading Greyson's surgery on Monday. Worrying the cyst will turn into cancer, or that he dies on the table. I could have spent the time at the cemetery worrying...."will I be here next week" with my child? But that would be living in a spirit of fear....Instead, I was able to squeeze the neck of a truly special friend, spend the day with my children, tickle my son and laugh with him, and play with my children and do a crafts! We cannot live in fear of what is to come....we have to walk by faith that God is in control and will not give us more than we can handle.

So today, and tomorrow, on Carter's Birthday, squeeze those little necks just a little harder, be slow to anger at their little tantrums and disobedience, allow her to wear the shoes that don't match her outfit, don't make him brush his hair....and when all those things make you think you are about to lose your ever loving mind....remember one thing....YOU got to have that child today....and not every mom is holding her child today....