Saturday, January 31, 2009

This one is for my Mom....

Well lately I have realized a lot of things about my own Mom. If you have met my Mom, you know what an incredible woman she is. She is absolutely beautiful on the outside. What is incredible is that once you get to know her, you will realize that she is more beautiful on the inside. I remember a lot of things from being a kid. And as a kid, I totally questioned some of the things that she did. But now that I am a Mom (FINALLY) I totally get her. Here are some of the things that I have realized!

#1 My Mom used to let my Dad get us up and take us to the ranch or farm all day and she would spend the day by herself. I used to feel SOOOO sorry for her and wonder if she was lonely? Hmmm....that one was answered by the first week I was a Mom....hello to the new meaning of alone time!

#2 When I was a kid, and I would get mad, I would tell my Mom that I wanted to run away. And I remember her telling me that she wanted to run away too. WHAT? Why in the world would she want to run away? We were awesome! All four of us! We were the coolest things on the block, and I could NOT imagine why she would want to leave! By the end of the first six weeks, I knew why my Mom had brief periods of wanting to pick the flight over the fight! (Come on - Mom's out there - You have been at this point!)

#3 I used to feel sorry for my Mom because she didn't get new clothes every season! And we were constantly getting new clothes for school (because we were growing - not because we had the money) As a Mom I can honestly say I am okay if I wear the same six suits to work for the rest of my life as long as my children have what they need. So I don't really feel sorry for her anymore, I just realize now how deeply she loved me.

Those are just the highlights of some things that have occurred to me lately as I wonder through this "Mom" time in my life. If you have not had a chance to meet my Mom, you need to. She has spent the first portion of her life raising her girls, and supporting my Dad in his business. Since we have all married and are out of the home, my Mom started a ministry at our church called Celebrate Recovery. This January they celebrated 7 years in Tulsa. She is the State Representative for Celebrate Recovery. This ministry has reached thousands of Oklahoman's and MY MOM started the first one in Oklahoma, seven years ago at our church. (This is a ministry started by Rick Warren).

To end it off, the following picture triggered me to write a post for my Mom. This evening we went to go look at lots of where we were going to build our new house. I was nursing Greyson, and David was supposed to be getting Ragon dressed. Unbenounced to me, SHE decided she was going to change clothes, and demanded that David comply. We typically let her pick between clothes, but today she wanted to pick on her own. Not a battle that needed fighting, David let her pick it out. Sister has NO taste. My mom's favorite story of me had to do with picking out something terrible to wear. I am sure it humiliated her to allow me in public like that. But she allowed me to be me. So here's to my Mom....I learned SO much from you.....and today, I let Ragon be Ragon......


On another note, something exciting has happened! A whole 22 days since our house has been listed and can you read the sign???? SALE PENDING!!!! YEAH - Praise the Lord!!! So - we hope to close on March 6th, 2009 if all goes well. My sister, Laura Grunewald has a rockin real estate team and they sold my house in no time. If you are looking to sell, look no further! They are the real deal! Pray everything goes well from here on out! And call the number on the sign if you need a realtor!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day.....

Well tomorrow is my first day back to work (well mabye). I am kind of sad. Not near as sad, or psycho, as I was with Ragon. That is probably because it is my second child. That and I am the luckiest gal in the world. My mother in law watches my kiddos while I am at work. So I don't have to worry about their safety. She totally respects our schedules and they LOVE spending time with their Mimi. It is good for me too to get out of the house. I am just sitting here stunned as I read this that my little man is THREE MONTHS OLD. I swear it was yesterday that we went running out of the house getting ready to have a baby!

Fortunately we had a great weekend before my first day back to work. On Friday we had dinner with Aunt Dee and Uncle Mike. Then I had a girls night with Kim where we went to see "Bride Wars"....but that is a whole different story that I do not plan to repeat. Lets just say we both slept until the movie ended....I know...we ROCK. Then Saturday we hopped out of bed, drove to OKC to meet the Shockleys at the Omniplex (we call it the OmniPlex, Kim calls it the Science Museum). Then off to Zios to meet Aunt Sarah. This was the first time the kids got to meet Aunt Sarah (David's Cousin) I could shoot myself that I didn't bring a camera - to take a pic of the kids with Sarah. On Sunday we did church and then home again. We had another showing, and I think we have a buyer people. A lot of details to hammer out, but I think we might have a buyer. I am so excited for our home to go to this woman. She is a single mom with a disabled child. So I would love for her to have this home, so I hope and pray it works!

Today - my last day of freedom I spent with my bloggie friend Kim. We went to Hobby Lobby and made drapes for her new baby. Kim hasn't picked a name for her child. So I think I will name the baby....lets call her.....Rebecca for now. (Kim likes old names - this is old right - 70's old - but old nonetheless!) Anyway - Kim and I made drapes for Rebecca's room. They ended up super cute. Hopefully she will post pics, but I have decided in the new house to redo Ragon's they can be like hers!

All in all I am ready to go back to work, but it is sleeting. So who knows....

Monday, January 19, 2009


I feel it necessary with the status of today where our country will be swearing in a new President of the United say a few things.

Racism is defined as a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule over others. I believe firmly that racism isn't exclusively a white thing. However, today that is what I chose to address.
Yesterday was a day celebrating a man, a Christian man, who took great steps to end segregation in our country. He did this using non-violent means. He did this by using his intelligence, by using methods of congregating people and standing up to those who wished to suppress him. He was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. He did so much more than use his efforts to end segregation, he fought to end the Vietnam War, he fought the war against poverty. Martin Luther King fought for equality, for EVERYONE. Martin Luther King died in 1968 but it wasn't until 1986 that the National Holiday was created to celebrate his good works. Some people think that we should not celebrate the holiday, because it didn't really do anything for those other than "african americans". I disagree.

We have made tremendous steps to end racism in this country, but it still exists. I watched the news this morning, and I was so touched to see how many turned out for the start of the inauguration of our new president. Wether or not you agree with Barack Obama's political views, you should be proud that our country elected someone other than the "white man". I know I am. I don't know if Barack Obama will be a good president. No one can predict that. If he does poorly, it won't be because he is "african american". And if he does well, it won't be because he is "african american". That is only one small part of who he is. For some reason, we get so caught up on the color of someone's skin.

So today, I am so proud to be an American, where ANYONE can lead our country. For those of you who face racism, remember that ignorance should not be tolerated, but in dealing with the ignorance, use kind words to hopefully change the mind of that person. Anger will never end the racist thoughts....but hopefully with kind words, encouragement and good examples, we can end racism.
I will step down off my soap box.....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

TAG....You are it!

If I understand this right, I was to take the fourth picture from the fourth picture folder on my computer. This is of Ragon and my sweetie pie neice Lauren. They are riding Ragon's bike through the house. This was when Lauren and Anne Marie were spending two days a week during the summer with us. I am hoping we do it again this summer as you can see, they totally entertained Ragon, and hopefully Greyson this summer! I hope we will be in our new house and then they can have more fun with playground, pool and splash pad!
Larloo (aka Lauren) is one of Ragon's favorite people in this world! She always walks up to her and puts her arms up for Larloo to hold her! We love you Larloo!!!!
To keep the momentum going, I must guessed it, FOUR people. Okay - here goes, I tag Kim, Karissa, Dee and Fether!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When the Cat is away....

The mice will play. What is with men? Why is it that we can't leave them alone with our children without something crazy happening to their hair! I know I am not the only blogger to leave the house only for short time to return to a neat doo done up by Daddy. I am only half kidding. I came home from Target, and David had put Ragon to bed. He is a silly Daddy....the camera was resting on the couch. He told me that he and Ragon had made some pictures for me.....attached is what I saw.

By the way, I think this is every single bow that she owns on her head....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crazy Week....

Big Week last week...and we had TONS to do, so here is the run down of what we did this week....

Bloggie Date
Kim, Molly, Laura, Terra and I all had a bloggie kid date at my parents. Attached are some pictures but with ELEVEN kids, I cannot really tell you what happened. I remember specifically a lesson on how to fix constipation in a baby, a wagon ran over Ella's leg, Cooper and Sutton wrestling, Ty using the humidifier to climb onto the pool table, Ragon squealing...and squealing...well you tell me, just look at the pictures. I didn't get all the kids, because they were constantly running. My favorite pic, which I did not post is of my mom's boot. It was supposed to be of Ty and Ragon, but they move so fast, I didn't get them in the picture.

House For Sale
Our House went on the market this week. We have had two showings. One couple is coming back for a second look. YEAH. They are coming back on Monday. I am trying to remember God has his timing, but I really want to start my new I am trying to be patient and pray for Gods will and not mine....

Philbrook Kids Day
Saturday we went to Philbrook Museum of Art. I took Ragon for the family day. It was so much fun. Ragon and I had a girls morning. When you sign in, you get a free Art Kit. You see Ragon carrying it around in some pictures. She kept calling it her purse. But she loved it. She made a snowflake snowman. And then we walked around the museum. She was such a good girl at the museum. She kept telling me "shhhh Mommy" and "no touch"....I had obviously gone over the rules with her. She obeyed them quite well! She was so good and sweet. Each week you go to the Philbrook Kids Day, they add something to your Art Kit! So neat - and FREE!

Greyson is 10 Weeks Old
Grey man is 10 weeks old this week. He is still so sweet. As in the pictures, his sissy really loves him. She can't get enough of him. Obviously he just enjoys the LOVE! He is a good eater, sleeper and smiles at his momma! He is wearing 3-6 month clothes...YIKES...

Dinner at the Farris's House
We went to dinner at our good friend's the Farris' house. It was fun. We had London Broil (never had that!) Loved it. The girls played and Ragon discovered the glow stick. She LOVES these...I think she jumped up and down for twenty minutes straight! I am attaching a picture of Ragon and Payton reading a book together. These two are two peas in a pod...they are PRETENDING to be me!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wanna "pay in my fork"?

Interpretation: Want to play in my fort? Today we copied Aunt Molly and made a fort. Apparently my fort making skills leave a lot to be desired. For starters, I made my fort way too small. I used our coffee table. What was I thinking? How in the world was I going to fit my post pregnancy butt UNDER a coffee table? As if I didn't need a little encouragement to lose weight, trying to squeeze under my coffee table did the job. Attached are some pictures. Needless to say, I had to lay flat on my stomach or on my back....I couldn't lay on my side or the coffee table rose up....I am laughing as I write this, because if I turned it scared her. (Just so you can understand how funny this is, jump up and climb under your coffee table) She kept clapping and yelling "fork fork". Which if you have heard her say this word.....well lets just say it doesn't sound like fork...and you figure it out.

Also attached are some pictures of Bubba...he is growing so fast. I think he weighs almost 13 pounds. He is flying through clothes. Tonight is his first night out of our room. We will see if he stays that way. I moved Ragon out of our room and right back in and didn't more her out until she was four months old.....But the house is for sale as of Wednesday and the baby bassinet and supplies weren't selling points! I have also concluded unfortunately that my son will become a lawyer. Mostly because in his short 10 weeks of life he has already been to the Court of Criminal Appeals in Oklahoma City and sat through 12 hours of Continuing Legal Education, both parents and one grandparent are lawyers.....tell me, does this kid have a chance?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Did I hear a Niner in there???

Again - I quote Tommy Boy. I love that movie....We met with the builder's wife today to "lock in" some numbers. Pretty much what we expected...of course a little higher....hence the "niner" comment. After we met with her, we drove around to look at houses, colors and lots. Then we went to meet our friends Kim and Micah, who live around the corner from "the house". They were out in the "hood"....this is one of the main reasons why I want to move into this neighborhood. Ragon jumped out of the car, and was running around like crazy with the kids. She felt so at home, it made my heart jump. We ended up in Amy's (friend of a friend - now my friend) backyard, with the kids playing and the parents talking. It was so much fun. I kind of think it might have been an interview and they will be voting to see if we will be allowed to "move into" the neighborhood. Anyway - it was so much fun. Ragon had a meltdown when we tried to leave. Attached is a picture of Ragon and Ty, "driving" a car. They would NOT stop of them is always a blur in the picture...but if you know either of them, this should not surprise you. Keep us in your prayers this week as we try to sell our home and move into a neighborhood that better suits our family and a house that better suits our family (a playroom yeah!!). Enjoy the pics, I promise I will learn how to download pics from my new camera.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I have nothing to say. I just don't want to drop to the bottom of the list of updated blogs. I think this is going to do?