Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fat Guy In a Little Coat....

If you aren't familiar, that is a saying from "Tommy Boy" the movie. If you like ridiculous movies, you should see this if you have not. It has Chris Farly and David Spade, and it is absolutely hysterical. At one point, Chris Farly puts on David Spade's coat and starts prancing around singing, "Fat guy in a little coat"....my sisters and I love this phrase. It is used in a variety of ways. For example, when trying on clothes in the dressing room, if they are tight....simply sing so the people outside know what is coming...."Fat guy in a little coat". We have said it for years, and it still tickles me to hear it. So why am I saying it now, you ask? We got to see Greyson yesterday on the ultrasound. He was so cute, but guys...."Fat guy in a little coat". He is a chubby bunny!!! And I love it!!!! He had cheeks to big, they were meant to be kissed. The ultrasound measured approximately 5 and one half pounds. A little scary being that I still have seven weeks. But, oh well, women have carried bigger babies....right? So the not so good news? It appears that my previa hasn't corrected itself all together. I now have what is called a "marginal" previa. Meaning, that I have to have yet another ultrasound to see if I can avoid a c-section (see Valerie - I didn't say vagina!) So keep praying that my placenta keeps moving. But I am off bedrest and the bleeding has stopped so I am happy.

Second, my sweet Sadie Skielar Shockley is still in the hospital. They are still unsure what is causing the fever, but at least it is starting to subside. So please continue to pray for Sadie, she is only three weeks old and soooo tiny. But we know God has both these children (Greyson and Sadie) in his hands and will continue to protect them!!! Thanks so much for the calls and prayers. It is so amazing to have such great family and friends that are so supportive!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Power of Prayer...

Have to keep this simple and quick (Dr's Orders):

1. My sister Molly is at the ER this morning with her three week old Sadie - she had a high fever this morning. They are preforming a spinal tap to check for meningitis. Please pray for Sadie and for peace for Molly and Blake.

2. I started bleeding this weekend, and ended up in the hospital in Branson. Appears the placenta has moved off the cervix (yeah) but I am on bed rest (boooo). Will have a follow up appointment tomorrow with more info. Please pray my sons stays put and healthy.

Thank you for all the prayers and calls so far. I have a peace about all of this....Sorry so short!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Husband, Friend, Daddy......STUD

Okay - so I have to brag. Let me start out by telling you that like all marriages - mine has not always been a piece of cake. Everyone goes through their ups and downs, if we are being honest. But we work hard to stick it out. But lately I have to say, I am married to the best man in the world. I am eight months pregnant, Type A, with an 18 month old who has her house for sale. I am NOT easy to deal with people. But my husband is precious. He does the dishes, vacuums, makes beds, cooks, cleans, washes windows, takes out the trash, pulls the weeds, etc. He is absolutely amazing. He has retouched the paint in our house, made repairs, laid new grass where our dogs dug holes in the backyard....he is just flat amazing. After a long day at work, he comes home and relieves me of Ragon, takes her to play, and then comes back, eats dinner, does the dishes, puts her to bed, then comes to the couch and rubs my feet until I fall asleep. The other day, my sisters had a surprise shower for me, my husband bought me a gift. He bought me a new pillow to help me sleep on my side and a cover (of course that matched my bedding b/c he is that kind of guy). He is the sweetest man, at church, when we pray, I feel him slide his hand around my very thick waist and rest it on my belly.....(his son). He works hard to support our family - so I can stay at home most of the time with our children. He is such a good provider. He is an amazing father. The other morning, Ragon decided that 5:30 a.m. was a good wake time, so he let me sleep and went and played with her. Anyway - my sister once reminded me that we are easy to gripe about our husbands and not very often do we brag on them. So today - I just want everyone to know....my husband is a stud.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer....

Well if you know anything about my husband, you had to know my 18 month old child would be enrolled in "Lil Kickers" at Soccer City on the DAY she was old enough to start classes. Sure enough, Ragon started soccer lessons last Monday. Attached are some pictures. Have to say for the first class she did very well. They do a lot of fun stuff and just kick balls, run and then do a parachute...she loved the parachute. Don't know what that has to do with Soccer, but since I really don't even know the rules of soccer, it is entirely possible, they use parachutes....and I just haven't been paying attention. AND, Aunt Dee (Audee) and Cousin Cate (Bug) came to watch us play soccer, Cate too will be enrolled in Soccer as soon as she is eligible!

We also surprised Daddy on Sunday and showed up at his soccer game. It was so fun, the weather was Gorgeous!!! Ragon loved it and played with her two good friends Payton and Taylor Farris. They played with their own ball and had a great time! Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rock on...

Okay - have to brag. Laura and Randy Kay listed my house Tuesday night, they didn't have access to a computer to put in the information until Wednesday morning. By wednesday at 12:00 my home was on multilist WITH pictures. (This never happens) That is the link I provided yesterday. So today I am putting on another link that shows a ton of interior pictures. They are an amazing marketing team. If you need to sell your home, before you try yourself or hire a "friend of the family" consider hiring someone who knows what they are doing. I am constantly amazed by Laura and Randy Kay. Yes I am related to them, but I AM paying them...and I wouldn't pay for something not worthwhile, you all know me by now. They are worth every penny and MORE! I am done with my little lecture.....Click to see more pics of the house!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

House For Sale....

Yep it is that time again. Our house is for sale. Apparently we do this every two years. It has become a pattern. This time (as was last time) I am seven months pregnant trying to move. You ask yourself - is she insane.....Yes...I am. So if you have anyone looking for a house, I have added some pictures. It is in Broken Arrow, my sister is listing it so if you know someone who is interested, have them call my Realtor, you might know her, Laura Grunewald. I am also including the link. Hey - you never know where someone finds a house!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well in our house a word that we love to say is Car.....it comes out more like "Caw"....but we bought Ragon a little push car, because she feels she is too big for the stroller now. So we have a "Caw". Apparently while momma was away Ragon and Daddy took to "inside drag racing". I don't know why this couldn't occur OUTSIDE my house, but it has become an inside game. I did some far away pics and some up close. David is literally running full speed into the living room with Ragon. They are going pretty fast if you look at her hair! It is funny. Man - children are work...but they are such a joy!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Okay - yesterday was a big day. My sisters had a suprise shower for me and my youngest sister had a suprise baby!!! Yep - our Sadie is here! I will give more info on the shower later, but my recent infatuation is our new sweet addition. She weighed in at 6 lbs. 13 oz. She was 18 inches long. I copied this pic off my sister's website, so for more info on Sadie, go to the link to the left, for The Shockley Family. But my favorite pictures are Daddies and their little girls. So I LOVE this picture of Blake kissing his baby girl! She is a sweetie. Take time to log onto Molly's website for more pics. I didn't feel right copying ALL of them. But I just couldn't help myself on this one! By the way, her full name is Sadie Skielar Shockley. Her birthmom gave her the middle name and we LOVE it!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bottom of the List

Well I let it happen. I had been so good at updating my blog and then.....I dropped to the bottom of the list....Bad Becki! But I have had so much going on. I had a huge hearing the other day and it stunk. I had to file an appeal (this takes a while) I had to get my hair cut and colored. Then I had to go get an ultrasound to see my little man, "greyson". So the news? Well I am a little freaked out, needless to say. I have a little problem called "placenta previa". If you are in the medical field, and I spelled it wrong..sorry. My placenta is partially attached over my cervix. This can be a bad thing if you don't know about it. But I know....so now I have to deal with it. If it does not move in the next four weeks, I will be scheduled for a c-section. I am FREAKED out about this. Some of you might think this is weird, but I really didn't mind a vaginal delivery. It isn't that I PREFER this method...I would PREFER someone come up with a third way to have a baby that doesn't involve my vagina or knives. But this is what I am stuck with. After having Ragon, I stood up and walked to the bathroom. I have a feeling a c-section won't be that easy. SO, I have gone into super nesting mode, getting Ragon transferred to a "big girl bed" which she is in (and doing fabulously). Getting Greyson's room ready, cleaning my house....you know the typical stuff, but in a Type A manner. So pray for me....pray for God to move my placenta! But most of all, just pray my son stays safe and okay - and that I have the peace to let him come safely into this world....I can deal with the knife!

Also - I have great news, but I don't know if it is public knowledge yet...so keep watching!

The picture is of Ragon and my sweet daddy...to the left of my dad (right in the picture) are my two nephews....Owie and Pooker (aka Owen and Cooper)....Ragon is absolutely infatuated with these boys. Right now, when we get in the car, she loves to list off her family...this is what is sounds like...."mommy, daddy, monkey (uncle mike), Bug (Cousin Cate), ADee (aunt Dee), Noonie and Papa (my mom and dad), emmy (Ann Marie) Lar Lar (Lauren), Owie and Pooker, Mowwy (Molly), Sutty (Sutton) and Matts (Max)....that is about all she can remember and then I go through the rest with her...but it is cute. And she does it with Mimi (David's mom) too...she will get in the car and start telling you everyone she knows...which right now is her family....I LOVE THAT!