Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Everything...

Last night I went to a praise and worship concert. It was MUCH needed. You see my Daddy had an angiogram yesterday, and the results....well they weren't what I would have liked. Next week he will have open heart surgery...more like bypass surgery. So I am a little stunned, okay a lot stunned. My Dad is the picture of health and always has been. So it would be an understatement to say that this has rocked my boat. So last night I needed to see God, and I mean really see him and feel his presence. We sang a song and the words were "You're my Everything"....it occurred to me that God is my everything. It isn't my finances, my job, my friends or even my family. I cannot not forge through this without My God. And he will see me through this, he will see my Dad through this, and he will hold my sweet family in the palm of his hands. That isn't to say I am not scared, in fact I am. I know God had a plan and it isn't always my plan. But he has a plan nonetheless, and I want to follow it, regardless of the pain it might or might not cause me. If you know my Dad you would know this is what he would want too. He doesn't want to be the most important thing in my world....he wants it to be God. But every part of my heart is screaming for God to save my Daddy....I think that is only natural. But in the end, I want Gods will, as does all of my family.

So this week, pray for two things. My Dad is having surgery and we pray it goes smoothly, and my sweet sister Laura is expecting Luke any day now. And I know this is VERY hard on her as she wants to be able to help, and is going to be needing a significant amount of help herself. So pray for my family for the next few weeks. Expect few posts, but a lot of need for prayer.

Also a special thanks to Kim for going to the concert with me yesterday. I desperately needed someone to stand by me as I cried for two hours. I am sure it was such the uplifting experience for her! But she was a trooper and it was a huge help for me to just have a good cry. You know what I mean? Anyway - thanks for the prayers, we really need them right now. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Tonight David put Ragon to bed, and after about fifteen minutes she started whining and crying. I decided to go check in on her. As I walked into the "bunkhouse" she was looking under her pillow for her "bunny". I told her I would help her, and I looked around, had her lay down and placed bunny back in her arms, where she belonged. She started jibbering to me, so I leaned down to hear her sweet whispers. When I leaned over her tiny little body, she reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and held on. In that moment, I LOVED being a mom. To be held in the arms of your toddler, feeling her soft warm breath on my cheek, smelling the baby lotion skin....well, you know how great it feels. So, with tears in my eyes, and a lump in my throat, I whispered into her ear, "I love you baby doll"...and I just rested my head next to hers....then those chubby little arms squeezed me even closer and pulled my ear to her mouth, and she sweetly whispered, "Annie". 

Yes I have a two year old....she can't seem to obey a single directive, but she can remember that I promised to buy her the movie Annie to replace the one I lost. What a life....I love TWO! 
Pray for my girlfriends sweet boy major, he is having surgery tomorrow to remove a lump from his leg. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Fat Lady.......well she does sing.

Not a lot of time right now. But we DID close on the house, signed the contract on our new house. They will start clearing the lot tomorrow..WHAT? I am so stinking excited! I can't wait. So I have been running around like mad, picking out colors tile, granite, carpet, etc. I also have a super duper project that I have been working on. Will let you know more later. Just know we closed on the house, and we are starting the new one. Kids are doing amazing and we are ready for the weekend! A weekend without showings, open houses, etc. One last push, our Real Estate Team...it would not have sold or closed if not for them.

Oh...I am still working on my new project.....someone got some new purdies!!!!! Look HERE

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hmmmmm.....What's this?

If you want to know, you have to click HERE.....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dress For Less - Kid Couture!

I am always trying to dress for less. I am an attorney and I gave up the job and the income to stay at home with my two special miracles! I guess I didn't totally give it up, I work two days, but for the most part...I don't work. So I have to find ways to dress for less. One of my favorite Bloggers Kelly challenged us to teach how we dress for less. My first answer is towards my kids. My children wear resale clothes! But I just have to tell you that I get compliments wherever we go on their clothes. I go to a huge sale hosted by Just Between Friends. But if you are into kids clothes, my daughter only wears Gap, My Vintage Baby, Baby Lulu, ZaZa Couture, Baby Nay, Leopard Daisey, Gymboree, etc. And I have purchased it ALL used at consignment! I wish I had a picture of an outfit to post! But you will have to use your imagination! I don't have my cord to my camera! 

As for me....well I do shop some consignment. But after Kelly started posting, I have shopped a ton at Walmart and Target. My new fav find. Girls for $7.49 check out this adorable dress. They have it in all sizes....well until enough people buy it! How cute! Sorry I can't get it to cut and paste...but I think you can throw it with leggings in the winter or high boots, or sandals in the summer on a cooler day! Anyway - have a great week. 

More updates on the house to come soon, I hope! And - please continue to pray for our dear friends the Bevins Family.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I don't have the words....

I don't know what to say today, other than I am broken. I know God has a purpose, I know he has a plan....but I don't find it fair today. I don't find life fair today. I hurt inside, I ache at the pain my friend feels. I am shocked, stunned and in awe of the pain some people have to experience....So I will be still....I will listen to God and see what he is doing. I don't doubt that he is always at work...but today....today - I am having some questions...not about my faith....but why? Why them? I could really scream it today.....WHY....Please take time to read, comment, let this precious family feel the love of Christ reaching out to them. Please...get on your knees....and pray....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The underwriter decided not to "fund" the loan. Doesn't look like the house will close on Friday, if ever.....Need I say more?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here we go Loop Dee Loo.....

Sorry this one is going to be quick. Buyer called back...apparently she DOES want to buy the house. We have to close by friday, so I have five days to move us out of that house, paint the room and replace the light fixture....CRAZY. Oh well....we can do it...accepting all offers for free babysitters....just kidding! My sweet sister Stephanie is pulling out all the stops to come over in the evenings to watch the kids while we pack it up. For all of you out there thinking I have improved on my Type A status of being super organized and out of the house. We moved here early so that we would be moved out by Saturday, but when the buyer started to waver, we put the moving on hold. And so now, I have five days to get the furniture out! So you may still pray for me and my control issues...I still have them! You won't here from me this week....have a goot one! (yes I mean't goot!)