Thursday, July 31, 2008

Steal My Thunder....Please

I have been thinking of a way to post this for two days. Let me start out with who is in the picture, if you don't know. Stephanie, Becki (me), Laura, Molly and my parents, Steve and Norma. This is my precious family. And those are my "stisters". They are my best friends in the world.

Tuesday was a rough one for my family. My youngest sister Molly was on her way to the hospital to adopt her third child, Sadie Kate. Somewhere along the way, the birthmom changed her mind. Our hearts were broken. This is always a risk with adoption, and if you know Cooper's story, you understand in the back of our minds we are always prepared for this. But it does not take away the pain.

One thing you need to know for this to make sense, is that in our family, all of my sisters and I have the same sex children. In other words - Laura - Two Boys, Stephanie - Two Girls, Molly - Two Boys and Becki - One Girl. So I was going to be the first at something - the first to have one of each. ( I was the last to get married, have children, etc. I am a late bloomer!)

So what does the title mean? Well Tuesday night, we drove to OKC for some mexican food for healing. Just my sisters, parents, and Molly's husband Blake. We had a great time fellowshiping and really focusing on the blessings that we have. We went back to Molly's house and on the way out, Molly said to me, "well I didn't steal your thunder". My heart literally sank into my stomach. I love her so much and have grown up a bit since our highschool days. I was so excited for Sadie Kate, I could have cared less about still not having a "first". I know she didn't mean it in a bad way, she was giggling when she said it. But it made me realize how much I loved her. I would give anything for her to be happy....I thought a lot on the way home. And as I laid my head on my pillow that night, I prayed, "God, let her steal my thunder.....Please".

If you have siblings, I hope you are blessed enough to have the relationship that I have. One that does not have competition, that has support, honesty, love, accountability and a mutual love for Christ. If you do not, it is never to late to start working in that direction. Today, be thankful for your siblings.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I luh lou....(I love you)

We are just learning to say this in our house. (Not Daddy and Mommy of course - but Ragon) Anyway - she says it mostly to obtain cookies, or something she wants. But it sounds more like "I luh lou"....Watch the video, at the end of the tickle fest, she spits it out...David follows it up a couple times to get her to say it such luck! Anyway - it is sweet and cute. And I just couldn't help the belly laughs she gives in this one!

Prayer requests:

1. Brittanie is going to give birth this week. Pray for her to have a peace about her decision this week.

2. My brother in law, Greg, is in Africa. I would tell you where, but I have no idea (as I am geographically challenged). Pray for safety for the whole team, they will be there until August 4th.

Have a great week!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A is for Alligator....

We are still working on dropping the morning nap. So what do we do on weekends? Drag ourselves around town and run ourselves ragged until noon, so she will sleep. It seems to work. Here are some pics from the zoo. After the zoo we went to Niehius Park by our house and met our cousins, Sutton, Max and Lauren. It went well. By the way - my little snob that wouldn't put her feet in the "poo" (pool) wanted to ride the big girl slide. So I let her...yeah...she loved it. Wouldn't stop doing it. As a matter of fact, our new lesson is going to be how to wait in line. She would go to the top, look at the other kids and FREAK out hoping they would move out of the way. No pics of that though...that will have to come next time. She was running David and I ragged. By the way, please note my favorite picture. The one where David is supposed to be watching her. Crack up - he is looking one way and she is OFF in the other!
In case you are looking for something fun and different to do one hot weekend, consider going to Niehius Community Park Center. It is off 51st and Lynn Lane in Broken Arrow. I have been begging Laura to come and the boys had a blast. Kids under 3 are free, adults are 4$, children 4-12 are $3 for entrance. The concessions are unreal. And by that I mean, $1 for a hot dog, 50 cents for candy, chips, snow cones, etc. It is super cheap. The best part of all. The pool is like a mini Big Splash and none of the cost. I am including a link to the website, but the pictures do not do it justice. By the way, moms of little ones, there are TWO baby pools, you might not be able to see in the pic. I promise, it is worth a try. And if you love it, the passes are $40 per person for the whole summer. Sound high? Look into joining a pool. And remember those 3 and under are free. Okay I can't find a link...I will try to take pics next time we are there....By the way for older kids, two tubular swirly slides, two tubular straight shoot slides, wade in pool and TONS of lifeguards.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Vintage Big Girl

Okay. So since I have become mostly a stay at home mom. I have developed some obsessions. I guess I should say I haven't really much developed obsessions, as I have changed. My old obsessions? Jury Trials, Court, Suits, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor...and SHOES...My new obsessions? Well for starters, bargain shopping. I love a good deal, as a matter of fact, I can't even bring myself to pay full price for anything anymore. I challenge myself to not spend a dime on things, for example: redecorating Ragon's room. I have sold stuff on e-bay, and craigslist, and so far I have not spent a dime redecorating Ragon or Greyson's room. I made my own curtains, bought the bedspread from wal-mart - don't judge til you see the pics!

My other obsession is buying Ragon clothes. If you don't have a girl, you do not understand how cute the clothes can be. My favorite line is My Vintage Baby...Ragon isn't a it was My Vintage Big Girl...anyway - a link to their website is on my blog. Their clothes are to die for. must sell an arm or a leg to purchase them. I buy them used, in thrift stores, if I can find them or on e-bay. The pic is one of my fav outfits. Also - I am finishing up her big girl room, so pics are soon to be posted. I are holding your breath with anticipation!

One more great find, just added a blog to my website. If you want to make the most adorable easy drapes, log on to the nesting place (on my blog list) this lady walks you through step by step to make drapes...and no people you don't have to sew, just have a glue gun. Worth a look!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boys, Boys, Boys.....

What? It isn't like she has never seen a boy. But apparently she thinks my good friend Valerie's little boy, Major, is a total hottie. I love this picture. First, she is either really checking him out or thinks he is doing something wierd. THe look on her face cracks me up. I went to OKC a few weeks ago and met up with some college girlfriends from OBU. This is a picture of our kiddos. On the left is Hanna Joy, Shawna's little girl (she is the oldest), then Major, Val's little boy (The youngest), then Ragon. Anyway - we had such a fun time. All the kids played, and she refused to in the "poo" as she calls it now. But now, I have to chase her around b/c she loves it.

Please continue to pray for my sister. They are still waiting on news about Sadie Kate. Continue to pray for the birth mom Brittanie. This next week will be especially tough for her. She is due on the 30th.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In My Shoes....

One of the most wonderful things about having a daughter is that she want's to follow in my shoes. As fun as that is, when taken seriously, it is a big task. So I think about who's shoes I wanted to fill, when I was little. It was most definetly my mother's. I remember putting on her shoes and walking around the house. I so wanted to grow up to be a "mom". I wanted to be so much like her. I still do.

So today, I want to pray and remind myselft to take so seriously the example I set for my daughter. I hope that she grows up and wants to be like me, my mother, and the women in my family. I hope that she wants to draw close to Christ and sees those same characteristics in me and our extended family. I also included a picture of her in her Daddy's garb....she also very much wants to be with him at all times. He is such a good man, father, husband and partner. Everything he does as a father contributes to her self confidence....and it makes me love him more.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Family, Family and more Family

We had a fun relaxing weekend this weekend...mostly by the pool. Ragon is transitioning well into one nap a day and is working on preparing for the olympic swimming event. I realize eventually she will have to lose the life jacket, but for now, it is an necessity! We kept Cate all day saturday, went to Sutton's birthday, went back to my parents where we celebrated Dad, Molly, Lauren and Sutton's birthdays. Flew home, went to sleep, got up, went to Sunday School and "Big Church", then back to my parents house to have a cookout with our friends the Penningtons. (This includes the Wagenblatt's and the Whitman's). Pics are of the pool time we had. So relaxing!!!! Hope you enjoy the pics and had a good weekend.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Advice, Recipes and Prayer....

First, I have to tell you my most ingenious (yes, that was spelled right, I checked!) idea. I, like other Mom's am a reader when it comes to parenting. So, my frustration? Getting my husband to read the same book so we are on the same page. My sister recently gave me a book, "Love and Logic", I LOVE it!!! And it works like a charm, my problem, my husband and I are parenting/disciplining in different ways. And I kept thinking, if he would JUST read the stinking book. So I decided, being that I am can I MAKE him read it? I schemed up an idea. I went into our bathroom, took out all of the magazines and books from the toilet area and simply placed the "Love and Logic" book there. To be sweet, I gave him his own bookmark....funny enough...he is READING it! Why? I know, because he has nothing else to read, but what do I care....we are on the same this wrong?

Second, dinner. Now I love a good crock pot recipe. I spend the entire day, chasing a one year old, doing dishes, dishes, dishes, laundry, etc. So I am posting one of my family's favorite recipes. If you comment...share your easy crock pot recipe.

4 boneless skinless chicken breast frozen

1 can of corn (drained)

1 can of black beans (drained)

1 cup salsa

1 pack of taco seasoning (I sometimes don't add this)

1 8oz stick of cream cheese

Put the first five in, cook 6-8 hours, until done, then add cream cheese and cook one more hour. Serve over rice! It is so good, kids will love it.

Third, my sister is going through adopting her third child. A baby GIRL. The mom is due in two weeks, my sister gets to meet her Monday. Please pray she continues with her plan of adoption.

Finally - here is a picture of Ragon and Cate, we went to see the ducks....they loved it...anyone ever notice how much ducks poop? I was going to let them out, but they had pooped everywhere!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Follow the Leader

Okay....I give. I don't know why for the past few months I have read everyone elses blog....getting up in the morning, it is better than reading the newspaper! And more positive, for sure. So - finally I thought to myself. "Self" everyone would LOVE to ready about you as well. Well, maybe not, which gives you the option to NOT during the next few months, I will be documenting my tremendous weight gain, Ragon's new "tricks" and my thoughts on life, parenting and marriage. Keep in touch and read when you can. And remember, I am watching you...and those of you who post every two weeks....what is that about?

Cate is here today at our house. Cate is learning a new schedule, as is Ragon. Ragon is dropping her morning nap. Today while after we put Cate down, Ragon turned to me with her little pointer over her mouth and went "shhhhh"....a little bossy don't you think? Anyway - in the pic, she is practicing being a big far so good. Only in time out once for giving Cate a very hard "love pat" on the head. Have a good day!