Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am one day short of going two months without a post. What the heck? I have lots of excuses. Lots of projects I have been working on! My two latest projects???

1. Greyson - He is in the "Fresh Face Contest" on Facebook. If he wins, he gets a free photo shoot and picture. So if you haven't already click HERE and "like" the site, so you can write "Vote" in the comment section!!! THANKS!

2. Judge Bill Musseman. You all know I can't leave a political campaign alone, especially when it includes one of my friends. Bill Musseman is a former prosecutor for the Tulsa County DA's Office. He is currently running for office, and will make a great District Judge. He is currently a special judge in Tulsa County. Click here for more information, and to join his site and follow the information.

Will do another blog post soon on a book my friend always - I am over committed! Oh well - it is what it is!!!!