Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and Greyson's Birthday Party.....

My sweet Fairy!!!

The kids had a great time at Greyson's Birthday Party. We were super sad that our "Shockley" and "Love" cousins weren't able to come. So this year - we were able to take on some second cousins! Addison and Emerson showed up to play! And our neighbors Ty and Ella were able to "sneak in" as faux family members! They look like us - right? So much fun to go to Leapin' Louis Splash Pad. After TWO LONG HOURS of swimming in a muggy hot pool room - we went to our hotel room and had pizza, pop, cake and presents! So much fun! And Greyson got so many trains, cars, bikes and books that included all those things! We had so much fun celebrating with family.

We also went Trick or Treating after the party! Whew were we tired. It was adorable. Ragon was totally into it. Greyon was only into it because it ended in an enormous amount of candy. The best part was that Ragon COULD NOT wait to get back to our house to hand out candy. She practically ran down the streets to give children candy. I was so happy to see how freely she gave things away! (This is a first - she has a tendency to be a toy stealer!) Hope it taught her how good it feels to give things away.

Sorry about the order of the pics! This is the best I could do. Also - do you like my SHAMELESS plug of Judge Bill Musseman. If you vote (and you should) in Tulsa County - Judge Bill Musseman deserves your vote. For more information check out or his website

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pretty Please....

Friends - please for the next four weeks, post the following blog site to your blog:

I would really appreciate your support in this! Thank you so much!

Sunday, September 26, 2010



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Friday, September 17, 2010

Cherishing Today....

Today is a day that my heart is heavy. This morning, I went to the cemetery. I got a call from a sweet friend, and she was taking flowers to her children's graves (for one's fifth birthday). She asked that I meet her there. I had the honor of sitting with her as we cleaned their graves, pulled away the leaves and placed flowers in the vases. I sat there with such a heavy heart. She didn't say there really isn't anything to say. But my heart hurt as I listened to her silence...sniffles and watched the tears and they snuck from beneath her sunglasses. I can only imagine if I was hurting, how torn her heart must have been at that moment.

When I got back in my car, I looked in my rear view mirror....and I lost it. I saw the sweet blue eyes of my son and began thinking about his surgery on Monday. I became fearful with thoughts of all the bad things that could happen. My mind was running in circles. You know how fear is....but then I had such peace for two reasons. As we were leaving, my friend told me what she had heard on the radio. Read it HERE. The second reason is that I know...I know....I KNOW - that God does not give me a spirit of is Satan. And so - I put the car in drive, wiped the tears from my eyes and said to myself, "God has got this".

So my thought was this....cherish today. Fear steals your joy. I could have spent the day sad, dreading Greyson's surgery on Monday. Worrying the cyst will turn into cancer, or that he dies on the table. I could have spent the time at the cemetery worrying...."will I be here next week" with my child? But that would be living in a spirit of fear....Instead, I was able to squeeze the neck of a truly special friend, spend the day with my children, tickle my son and laugh with him, and play with my children and do a crafts! We cannot live in fear of what is to come....we have to walk by faith that God is in control and will not give us more than we can handle.

So today, and tomorrow, on Carter's Birthday, squeeze those little necks just a little harder, be slow to anger at their little tantrums and disobedience, allow her to wear the shoes that don't match her outfit, don't make him brush his hair....and when all those things make you think you are about to lose your ever loving mind....remember one thing....YOU got to have that child today....and not every mom is holding her child today....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Day in the Francy House

First day of school for the kids. As you can see they are totally interested in posing for a picture with me!

Daddy was there to take pictures and give us good luck kisses on our first day!

Apparently Daddy does not know that taking pictures of a momma's bottom is a "no no"....Especially when white pants are involved....

Trying to lift her back pack....little heavy...
Ok - So needless to say I did not do all that great of a job preparing myself for the kids first day of mother's day out. This is the first time they have ever attended any formal type of school. Have to say I was "underprepared" for how much work this was going to be. Seriously - two backpacks, lunch boxes, two tupperwear covered plates, drinks, sippy cups, pepperoni, grapes, crackers and cheese, diapers, blankies, extra clothes, and so much sharpie the room started spinning. Thank the lord for Kim or I would have sufficiently RUINED my kids first day of school. Oh well, live and learn! They loved it, went to bed worn out...and Ragon made two new Mama is happy. Have a good week!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am one day short of going two months without a post. What the heck? I have lots of excuses. Lots of projects I have been working on! My two latest projects???

1. Greyson - He is in the "Fresh Face Contest" on Facebook. If he wins, he gets a free photo shoot and picture. So if you haven't already click HERE and "like" the site, so you can write "Vote" in the comment section!!! THANKS!

2. Judge Bill Musseman. You all know I can't leave a political campaign alone, especially when it includes one of my friends. Bill Musseman is a former prosecutor for the Tulsa County DA's Office. He is currently running for office, and will make a great District Judge. He is currently a special judge in Tulsa County. Click here for more information, and to join his site and follow the information.

Will do another blog post soon on a book my friend always - I am over committed! Oh well - it is what it is!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well, I know you were sitting on the edge of your seats wanting to know if I went 24 hours without my shoes on....The answer...NO...I went 36 hours barefoot. I learned something. One - it wasn't whether or not I would wear my shoes. I purposefully didn't take "back out" shoes with me, as I new I would most likely back out of my experiment. I knew if I took shoes, I would put them on, and go on with my day. So each time my family and I packed up and got in the car, I would pack myself What I did learn, is that if I can't wear my shoes....I won't go anywhere. You see yesterday, we had to go get flowers (at a flower shop), go to Walmart and get a blinker for my car, go to Lowes and get mulch, and then go home. We later had to go to Reasors to get steak.....I did all this barefoot....or shall I say my HUSBAND did all of this.....You see what I learned yesterday, is something different from the others.

While there are a TON of problems with children who go shoeless.....I couldn't help but wonder...what are the simple things that they forgo because they don't have shoes. Are they too embarrassed to go into a store, because they have no shoes? Do they worry what those "with shoes" will say or think about them? Could they be denied service for not having shoes? Dumb thoughts probably, but I know children in America might not have shoes, and these are definitely things they face. And this is coming from a girl who really doesn't have a need for shoes...clothes yes, shoes...not so much. But I was so bothered by NOT having my shoes, that I didn't go INTO the places I needed to go, I relied on others to do it for me. So did I ACTUALLY complete the experiment? I am not sure, but did I at least get a glimpse of what some children might be feeling....for a few hours....maybe. But I couldn't fathom this being my every day.....or my children's.
First thing I am going to do....clean the shoes out of the closet...and take them to the shelter....

Friday, April 9, 2010

All By Myself.....Barefoot

Me.....with my shoes.
***NOTE for this post to make sense, you need to know TOMS did a "Barefoot" challange (April 8th) to show us how children go without shoes, they asked we just go one day....***

I love shoes. I don't love them so much that I have an extraordinary amount of them. I am more of a clothes girl....But I wear my shoes, and I am not often seen without them outside of my home....or should I say, my property. Yesterday, while sitting at a conference I was on facebook (I know, tsk tsk) and I read my girlfriend was going to spend the ENTIRE day barefoot. Hmmmm.....I always like a good challange. But for the love of Pete people. I am at a judicial conference, on behalf of a municipality I represent. I am a judge......(insert long pause here).....I CANNOT do this today. What will they think? Will it get back to Skiatook that I went to the conference barefoot? NOTE: I was not thinking about the purpose, I was still focused on me....myself....and I. I was quickly distracted by a phone call, other family issues, but "barefoot" kept sneaking back in.

This morning I woke up at my hotel (still at the conference)....showered, put on the suit....AND put on my shoes. I can't do it....WHY can't I do it....Because I am still thinking about me. I read THIS BLOG and again....felt the need to be barefoot. I read her blog...and then thought to myself...That is it. I will do this next year. I am all in. Then as I sat here.....I couldn't help but think what is so special about April 8th? Why can't I do it tommorow? Why do I have to do it with a group? There is a little security in numbers? Shall I punish myself by doing a whole day without shoes by myself? What will my husband say? Maybe I should run this by him? What is wrong with me? Should I do it tomorrow? What do I have to do tomorrow, would hate to go without shoes to somewhere important....on and on and on. What in the world must children be doing who don't have shoes? What is the point of all this. I don't want to steal, but please read the blog shoes is a serious problem.....that causes serious health problems for children. It is NOT just the idea of people looking at you because you haven't worn shoes.

So....I can't believe I am going to say this. But tomorrow is my myself. I have no idea what I am doing tomorrow...but one thing I won't be doing.....wearing my shoes.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Out of the Spin Cycle

This is my precious friend Jennifer Hatmaker. She recently wrote a book that is due for release this summer. Jen wrote books like: Interrupted, Ms. Understood, Makeover, Girl Talk, A Modern Girls Guide to Biblestudy, and my FAVE Road Trip! Anyway - her book "Out of the Spin Cycle" is due out this summer. She recently posted it on her facebook status! I am so excited!
Jen is an amazing Christian woman. She is the kind of gal where you can go without seeing her for five years, and the minute you see her it is like no time has been lost! Unfortunately for me, she is pretty AND nice....Gag..right? But she is an amazing woman of God whose studies are not only biblical but incredibly entertaining! Take out a minute to check out her Website! Or friend her on Facebook so you can read a snipit of the new book. I tried to post such luck. Here is a LINK...hope it works!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Law Firm Video....

I can't believe I am showing this...but it will be airing now or never. We have approved it, so please don't point out anything like my pants being unzipped.....Wanna see our new commercial? Click HERE....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hair Did...

Seriously - I have learned there are some major benefits to having a daughter who is just like me! She loves to do the things I do, and I never knew it! For her third birthday, her Noonie took her on a suprise "trip" to the nail salon. She sat for ONE HOUR and had her nails done. Fingers and Toes!!! Here are some pictures of my mom with Ragon!

Mom and Ragon getting her nails done!

Grandy went too to watch the show!

Some feet soaking! Oh yeah! Noonie did it right...
this was no cheap polish change - this was the real deal!

Sitting still while the nails dry!!! Look how serious she is! Also - can you see the color? Only my mom would understand that Ragon is just like me and allow her the independence so she could pick her own color...Blue Sparkles...thanks mom!

The next week was Ragon's First hair cut! I love my hair dresser, while my hair was processing, she cut Ragon's hair. It was so fun! Ragon was so excited and as you can tell, loved being pampered yet again! And yes - I love her so much I would get my picture made like this!!! I had to preserve the moment! The pictures are in reverse order, and for those of you wondering, it was 6:30pm so she took a bath, Daddy brought her to the salon and she got her Hair Did!!!

Check out the curls!It curls so much better with a trim...

Ragon and Natalie...with Hair Envy...LOVE HER!

She looks like a big girl here!

And the same pic twice...because I don't know how to remove it! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ragon is THREE!!!!

Happy Birthday Sister....The pics are out of order - But enjoy!
Twirl time at the gymnastics party.

The Bevins Crew!

The Crew....

Bevins, Grunewalds, and a Francy!

Papa and Greyson


Ragon's Birthday Party!

Birthday Donuts...Hey - it is what she wanted!

Aren't they totall cute???

Happy 3rd Birthday Ragon!

Ragon - I hope you always know how much Mommy and Daddy love you. You are such a sweet little girl. You have big eyes, that are bright and full of life. Everything you do is with a squeal and a twirl. You are such a girly girl. You love dress up, playing with baby dolls, and coloring. You also love to relax and watch "toons". Your favorite are Imagination Movers (we call this your "boy band"), WonderPets and Little Einsteins. You can count to thirty, ride a bike (with training wheels), say the alphabet, cut with scissors, ride a scooter, and tell me a word that starts with every letter in the alphabet.

You have the biggest personality in the world. You are full of smiles, and extremely passionate. Like your mom, you feel things strongly. You are a very funny little girl and talk until my ears bleed. You talk a lot about Jesus, and work very hard at acting like Jesus. My favorite part of you right now is that you try to imitate me. You spend time trying to wear clothes that match mine and often try to imitate my actions. Which makes your Mommy work very hard to set a good example. I love you are a ray of light to your family!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Fling WINNERS!!!!!

FYI: The drawing was done as fairly as possible. I lined up the items on the fireplace, we went from left to right and a THREE year old (not my own) drew them out of a bag. We figured it would be more fair because he couldn't read! HeeHeeHee!!!

Uppercase Living $30 Gift Certificate - LeighAnne Phelps
Plate and Photo Album from Blessings Unlimited - Emily Schluteis
Stella and Dot Pearl Earrings - Megan Neal
Cheesecake Trio from Homemade Gourmet - Leslie Meade
Matilda Jane Half Price Item - Kathy Hitchcock
Duffle Bag from Tickled Sew Pink - Carole Ducato
Scentsy Plug In and Refills - Jessica Gross
Pretty Tags - Randy Young

Matilda Jane Girls - The RAVEN Skirt that we were all dying for is back in, in size 10 and 18 Months...TO DIE FOR! So - if you want one, better e-mail Heather PRONTO!

The Stella and Dot party is still open. To order, just click on the above link and enter Becki Francy as your hostess!!!

Scentsy is still open as well. Just e-mail Ashley directly.

All the other vendors are always open for business. AND I learned the Homemade Gourmet - DeAnna Bottomly will deliver to your house! Not that is my kind of cooking!

Contact me if you won a gift!

The Plaid Button Bow - Sarah Lundin

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Fling is Officially Open!!!

I forgot one vendor on the original blog! Uppercase Living is going to be at my house! If you haven't see Uppercase, you MUST take a look! Click HERE to see their stuff. In short - it is the wall decor that you apply directly to the wall! They will be providing a $30 free wall art - in the Giveaways!

Stella and Dot Party is officially open! SO - if you place an order HERE. Just remember to enter Becki Francy as your hostess and you will be entered for the giveaways! See - you can work on Mondays and still make purchases and win free prizes! But make sure and enter my name - if you forget we won't know and you won't be entered!!!!

Matilda Jane has a new feature! Go to and shop! All you have to do is select what you want and hit "Wish List" and you will have the shopping list ready to go!!!! Bring it with you to the party and it is shopping made easy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Megan Neal....I love you!

Ok know I can be handy - but who knew we could do this! Megan Neal - our awesome decorator gave us this idea for our breakfast nook. I had a huge wall that needed filling, with color but also with something simple. I told Megan I wanted fork and spoon concept. This is what she came up with, and David and I did it! Here are the before and after pics....picture quality is poor but you get the gist...also - leave a comment and tell Megan to start a blog or website. Also - do you need her info?????

And if you are looking for info on the Spring Fling....scroll down!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Color Your World...

I have been trying to think of a way to write this all week. When we grew up, our entire neighborhood was white. By white, I mean the race of our neighborhood, schools and family was entirely white. However, my parents weren't ok with us having the "idea" that this was what the world was like. I specifically remember my Dad taking us to an all black church in Tulsa one time. It was a really neat experience. We were shown other cultures, and taught from a very young age that Race is just the color of your skin.

As I raise my children, MY family has changed. Our family is NOT all the same color. Some of us are white....some a little olive...some pretty tan...others you might call brown...some are REALLY white (don't be offended Blake - it is said out of love) and some are REALLY brown! But one thing I have made a purpose in doing is making sure my children grow up in a world of color! My friends are all colors, my co-workers are all colors, we have friends whose families are all colors....our dolls are all colors, and children in the books we read are all colors.

I was brought up this way. That the color of one's skin, says nothing about the person. I was never told not to bring home a boy of a different race. I WAS told never to bring home a boy who was not a Christian. This week, when we remember a great man who fought for Civil Rights.... we must do our part as parents to make sure our children are colorblind. ALL families have to do this. Racism exists in every race....but as parents we have to be purposeful in making our children accept everyone for who they are....not the color of their skin.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I am such a bad mom lately - I have so neglected my blog. But I have a bunch of stuff I need to post, but today - it will be about my chillins...

Ragon is an absolute hoot. I am a little afraid. Sister is so smart. She is talking up a storm and most of what she says makes sense. She is an obedient little girl, but she is so strong willed. She really has an opinion about what she wants to do and how we do it (wonder where she gets it?). She loves gymnastics, dancing, Wonderpets, Ruby and Max. She almost always has a babydoll in her arms and loves playing mommy. She constantly immitates me (scary huh?). Today I was ordering something online, and when I turned around, she was in the chair next to me with her pink (fake) laptop. She is such a happy little girl and very very silly. She loves her friends Ty, Lillian, Kyndal and Eason. She talks mostly about her cousins, though. She is the apple of her daddy's eye and seeing them together warms my heart.

Greyson is really coming into his own. It wasn't clear until the last two weeks how much his ears were bothering him. He talks up a storm, is a lot less clingly and whiney and is working hard on walking. He will mimick almost any sound I make. He is sleeping so much better and most of the time he is standing...but not quite walking....any day now! He is still a little on the thick side...just like I like em! But it wasn't until lately that we learned what a ham he is. He loves to look at you and then wiggle his head side to side and roll his eyes and then he just dies laughing. He thinks he is hysterical! He loves hide and seek. But his favorite thing in the world is to play with his sissy....whom he calls Bubba...well it is what she calls him, so it does make sense!

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas. The most beautiful part was when Ragon would tell me that it was Jesus' birthday....and when I would ask her where is Jesus? She would point that little chubby hand at herself and say "in my heart"...."and in your heart mommy"....sweet sweet moments.

I was going to include photos...but I can't get them to upload....maybe later!