Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ahhhh...NUTS!....(or Wheat)

Today we got a call from Greyson's pediatrician. Greyson has had a CHRONIC runny nose and cough, that continues and then he gets an ear infection. After a month of this, my pediatrician had enough and he ordered some testing. If you have seen my pumpkin pie, I am sure you noticed the redness (eczema) around his little mouth. It is quite noticeable, and if I am honest, it breaks my heart. Not only does it itch my little man, but it attracts some looks, and often comments. It doesn't matter now, because he doesn't know. But one day he will.

Anyway - the pediatrician diagnosed Greyson with food allergies.....yes...that was plural. The list? Eggs, Wheat, Oats, Corn and Soy....go to your pantry and try to find one item that doesn't have ONE of those ingredients. Anyway - to answer the first question on your mind...He does not have Celiac disease. This is a disease...he has an allergy. They have the same treatment, but are not the same in diagnosis. So that is good.

Please pray for me in how we deal with this as a family. I know it might not sound like a big deal to you, after all, he is healthy, we know what is wrong with him, and it is only an allergy. But with this big of a shift in the way he eats, David and I have agreed that our entire family will change the way we eat. When my younger sister Molly was diagnosed with Diabetes, our entire family changed the way we ate. So while at home, we will continue to eat dinner as a family and eat the same meal. I do not want to single him out. (NO advice on this one peeps, we have made a decision. And for the super nosey, yes we will check with Ragon's pediatrician on whether or not this is ok for her).

So please pray for me. I LOVE to cook, especially pasta....if you have any good recipes, let me know. Or just a few words of encouragement wouldn't hurt! And in case you are wondering....I kind of figured about the wheat after we did the initial test...so I witheld wheat....you should see Bubba's face.....eczema is almost gone!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I got to spend the weekend with my "sissies".....aka my sisters. We had so much fun. We drove to Branson...talked the entire way, and then spent three whole days shopping. It was so much fun. We ate WAY too much Mexican food, and shopped until we literally could shop no more! It was fun, but one of the most fun times, for me at least, was talking with my Momma and sisters. At one point, they were telling me how much they have enjoyed my Ragon. They just told me how much "light" she brings into their lives. How special she makes them feel when they walk into a room. That she always has a smile, is constantly laughing and squeals when she sees you when it has been a whole five minutes sinces she has seen your face!

Ragon- You are the light of your parent's lives. You make us laugh constantly. Your smile and little personality keep us on our toes. Although you definitely have an opinion and like to be heard, you are such a good little girl and make so many good decisions. Although you don't always make the right decisions, you are such a big girl in handling your consequences.

For those of you who either don't know me well (or as a child) or who haven't met Ragon -she is really a "minnie me". She looks like I did (althought that is becoming less and less true) but with brown hair and darker skin. Her personality is almost exactly the same. She can be a toot just like her momma! But this little girl, is the apple of her Daddy's eye. They are two peas in a pod and are hard to seperate. She is such a "Daddy's Girl". I really have no idea what these two would do without eachother. Seeing him love on her makes me love him that much more.

It just got me to thinking how special this little girl is.....and the picture just fit. Here is my "minnie". (outfit courtesy of Noonie) And in case you are wondering, yes...we wear the outfit a lot and yes...she has made numerous requests to wear the minnie mouse shoes in public...and no....I don't let her.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What the???

I am sure you are wondering where I have been. I mean all four of you out there who read our blog are really just scratching your head....right? Well we closed on our house and moved in...since then our life has been crazy busy.

Has been teething. He has EIGHT teeth now, his shirt is always wet and he is crawling and pulling up on EVERYTHING. He is really the sweetest little boy. He is quite the snuggler. He finds just about everything funny. He loves to clap, and when he wants to get your attention, he clicks at you. It is really pretty cute! He says, "mama, dada, and bubba (I think this means sissy)". He is also quite the dancer. If you put on dance music, his face lights up and he moves to the grove!

She is really starting to be a big girl. She told me today that it was "chilly outside" and that it "hurt her feelings" that I didn't let her play in my car. She just had her first trip to the ER the other day for jumping on the bed. She calls it dancing, I call it jumping....now I call it a "nono". She busted her lip open and looks pretty pathetic. She is really loving the new neighborhood. Every night we go outside, and she runs around with her new "pals" Lillian, Grace and her "long time boyfriend" - T-BONE...as she calls him. It is too cute, funny girl moment #1 with Ragon. The other day, Ty (T-BONE) was here and she decided to tell him, "I love you"....Ty paused for a moment and then replied "Thanks"...well sister...that is how it goes...never say it first!

David and I:
David is hard at work taking care of our family. He is playing soccer (we go and watch). It is funny to take Ragon, when he steps on the soccer field, it is like he is a superhero....she won't even go to him. It is pretty cute. She likes to warm up and ask when she can play soccer...don't worry, Daddy has a plan honey! I promise.

As for me, I am on the TU Law Alumni Board and I am currently planning Chilifest 2010 and Spring Gala 2010. I am working with a Judge trying to get him appointed to the District Court Bench. (I will be asking for your help later!). We still have the blog, http://www.promoteokadoption.blogspot.com/ (and a giveaway this week) I have a couple of adoptions I am working on, and then I am being a mom.

Life is good, pictures will come, when I find my camera! Have a good week.