Friday, August 14, 2009

Design Star....

Really people. I should be on design star....the garage sale version. So I went to a store that I am coming to LOVE. It is called IO Metro. As I have said in previous posts, this house is much more contemporary than any house we have lived in. SO, I really had to start over with decor. I went to IO to find some art. I came across a really cool bambo screen thingy. It was a lot more than I really wanted to spend. In addition, I really needed the big one...and that was pricey. So I decided to make it on my own. (And when I say on "my" own, I really mean "our" - the hubby helped). So here it is kiddos.

Here is the screen I wanted:

Here is the screen I made as it is in my dining room:

I can't believe I am asking this! What do you think? Just so you know...the real version cost a whopping $199.....but the Francy version....$39.99 (actually fifty - but I have $10 worth of stuff to return!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yeah - we moved! I have not had internet or cable for a week, but I am in my house. My children are adjusting (Ragon is having some struggles) but for the most part, we are all loving our new home! And I feel so blessed to have it. Our neighborhood is seriously like the Truman Show. I go outside and all I hear are the laughs of small children. Today after I got home, a new little neighbor girl came up to Ragon and asked "what is your name?". It was too cute...Ragon just looked at her like, come on...everyone knows who I am. She looked back at me and said "Mommy??" Like - what do I say? I told her...and she sweetly looked at the little girl, and said "My name is WAGON"....."I two" was so freakin cute I could have cried. After dinner, she and I went on a walk and she rode her new "motorcycle" (A bicycle from our friends the Bevins). We went down the street and she and the kids rode scooters, bikes, and just ran around. That is until Ragon had a melt down (a new thing she has started doing since we moved). So we went home....but we love our new home, but most of all, we love how great it is for our kids and the friends we have here.