Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and Greyson's Birthday Party.....

My sweet Fairy!!!

The kids had a great time at Greyson's Birthday Party. We were super sad that our "Shockley" and "Love" cousins weren't able to come. So this year - we were able to take on some second cousins! Addison and Emerson showed up to play! And our neighbors Ty and Ella were able to "sneak in" as faux family members! They look like us - right? So much fun to go to Leapin' Louis Splash Pad. After TWO LONG HOURS of swimming in a muggy hot pool room - we went to our hotel room and had pizza, pop, cake and presents! So much fun! And Greyson got so many trains, cars, bikes and books that included all those things! We had so much fun celebrating with family.

We also went Trick or Treating after the party! Whew were we tired. It was adorable. Ragon was totally into it. Greyon was only into it because it ended in an enormous amount of candy. The best part was that Ragon COULD NOT wait to get back to our house to hand out candy. She practically ran down the streets to give children candy. I was so happy to see how freely she gave things away! (This is a first - she has a tendency to be a toy stealer!) Hope it taught her how good it feels to give things away.

Sorry about the order of the pics! This is the best I could do. Also - do you like my SHAMELESS plug of Judge Bill Musseman. If you vote (and you should) in Tulsa County - Judge Bill Musseman deserves your vote. For more information check out or his website