Friday, March 26, 2010

Out of the Spin Cycle

This is my precious friend Jennifer Hatmaker. She recently wrote a book that is due for release this summer. Jen wrote books like: Interrupted, Ms. Understood, Makeover, Girl Talk, A Modern Girls Guide to Biblestudy, and my FAVE Road Trip! Anyway - her book "Out of the Spin Cycle" is due out this summer. She recently posted it on her facebook status! I am so excited!
Jen is an amazing Christian woman. She is the kind of gal where you can go without seeing her for five years, and the minute you see her it is like no time has been lost! Unfortunately for me, she is pretty AND nice....Gag..right? But she is an amazing woman of God whose studies are not only biblical but incredibly entertaining! Take out a minute to check out her Website! Or friend her on Facebook so you can read a snipit of the new book. I tried to post such luck. Here is a LINK...hope it works!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Law Firm Video....

I can't believe I am showing this...but it will be airing now or never. We have approved it, so please don't point out anything like my pants being unzipped.....Wanna see our new commercial? Click HERE....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hair Did...

Seriously - I have learned there are some major benefits to having a daughter who is just like me! She loves to do the things I do, and I never knew it! For her third birthday, her Noonie took her on a suprise "trip" to the nail salon. She sat for ONE HOUR and had her nails done. Fingers and Toes!!! Here are some pictures of my mom with Ragon!

Mom and Ragon getting her nails done!

Grandy went too to watch the show!

Some feet soaking! Oh yeah! Noonie did it right...
this was no cheap polish change - this was the real deal!

Sitting still while the nails dry!!! Look how serious she is! Also - can you see the color? Only my mom would understand that Ragon is just like me and allow her the independence so she could pick her own color...Blue Sparkles...thanks mom!

The next week was Ragon's First hair cut! I love my hair dresser, while my hair was processing, she cut Ragon's hair. It was so fun! Ragon was so excited and as you can tell, loved being pampered yet again! And yes - I love her so much I would get my picture made like this!!! I had to preserve the moment! The pictures are in reverse order, and for those of you wondering, it was 6:30pm so she took a bath, Daddy brought her to the salon and she got her Hair Did!!!

Check out the curls!It curls so much better with a trim...

Ragon and Natalie...with Hair Envy...LOVE HER!

She looks like a big girl here!

And the same pic twice...because I don't know how to remove it! Enjoy!