Monday, December 21, 2009


I am not a sentimental person. But I love traditions. We have some neat Christmas ones, so I am going to share one. For Christmas, my children recieve three gits...that is it....three gifts under the tree. Santa shows up at our house in the form of a stocking...and they are great stocking gifts....but under the tree...THREE. Why is that? When Jesus was born, he recieved three gifts....Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (yes- I checked the spelling). It is a subtle and gentle reminder to my children that this holiday, while fun, and crazy and full of not about them. We will do things such as work soup kitchens, take presents to a family, deliver baskets to police stations and fire stations. We will constantly remind them....JESUS is the reason for this season. I am all for spoiling kids...on their birthdays....but this day....this day, is not about us, me, or is about Christ and celebrating his birth. (fyi feel free to have your own traditions, I am not one of those who is psycho that my traditions are the best - heck - we totally lie to our kids and say there is a santa!)

Second - I have some prayer requests if you have a moment:

1) Terra - I hope Terra doesn't mind me sharing. Terra has been a little under attack. Her famliy had the stomach virus, but her baby girl "K" has been under the weather quite a bit pray little "K" up.

2) Taylor - This is one of my sister's friends. But Taylor is 14 weeks pregnant, and she is so sick that she is on bedrest. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight and has a two year old that she is struggling to take care of.

During this season...pray for those who aren't celebrating Christmas...who can't afford it...who don't feel like celebrating....who are too weak....and be Thankful for what you have.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have not had a lot of time to blog lately. Clearly - from the lack of posts that is obvious. But tonight, I had to post a request for prayer. My sweet neighbor has a little boy, his name is Lawson. Lawson has been in the hospital for a couple of days now, suffering a high fever. I believe they thought they had it under control, but the fever has returned. He has sustained a fever as high as 106 for a couple of days now. Please pray for sweet Lawson. He is a sweet little boy and this is the worst time of year for this to happen. Not that there is ever a good time. He was transferred to OKC this evening. I am only assuming it was to Childrens in OKC. So tonight, pray for Lawson - and for healing.