Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Day in the Francy House

First day of school for the kids. As you can see they are totally interested in posing for a picture with me!

Daddy was there to take pictures and give us good luck kisses on our first day!

Apparently Daddy does not know that taking pictures of a momma's bottom is a "no no"....Especially when white pants are involved....

Trying to lift her back pack....little heavy...
Ok - So needless to say I did not do all that great of a job preparing myself for the kids first day of mother's day out. This is the first time they have ever attended any formal type of school. Have to say I was "underprepared" for how much work this was going to be. Seriously - two backpacks, lunch boxes, two tupperwear covered plates, drinks, sippy cups, pepperoni, grapes, crackers and cheese, diapers, blankies, extra clothes, and so much sharpie the room started spinning. Thank the lord for Kim or I would have sufficiently RUINED my kids first day of school. Oh well, live and learn! They loved it, went to bed worn out...and Ragon made two new friends....so Mama is happy. Have a good week!

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bristle family said...

Looks like they were so excited about their first day! Loved all the pictures!