Monday, March 21, 2011

Time...Where did it go?

Ragon at Four Years Old.

Greyson....big daddy is 2.

Me and my boy!!!

I am so sad that I am sitting here looking back at my blog and it has been almost six months since I have posted something. I used to send ugly emails to my friends who didn't update their blogs. And now....for me, it has become a thing of the past. Until recently, when a little birdy told me they had read my blog....start to finish. What in the world? If you did that, then you would think that I died somewhere in November of 2010....So sad isn't it. Good news, I didn't die. I just stopped blogging for the Winter. Maybe for good, but who knows. I used to have more time. Kim, tells me she liked me better when I was a prosecutor because I didn't work from home. Maybe that is what changed. Maybe leaving the DA's office and going to private practice took some of my "play time" during "nap time" away. But to be honest - I wouldn't have it any other way. As much as I miss my time as an ADA, I love being in private practice. I love adoptions and guardianship's. Where I used to put people in jail for abusing or neglecting their children, now I just have to worry about finding the children a safe place. So while I might have more work, I do sleep better.

Ragon....This little nugget is a gift, I tell you. While I used to think she was very much like her mama, I have started to change and think that she might just take after her daddy. She does resemble me...physically at least. She is the sweetest little girl. She has some spice to her - don't get me wrong. The other day at her Dad's soccer game, we were leaving, and as we were walking away a stray soccer ball hit her right square in the bum! She turned around and without hesitation, yelled "Hey!"....the entire team ROARED with laughter. It was pretty funny. She didn't think so, and promptly turned into her mommy's leg and bawled her eyes out. One thing for sure, she won't be walked on! Maybe she is a little like me! Tough on the outside, tender on the inside! She is growing like a weed. She rides her plasma car like a biker chick, can ride a scooter, runs like a cheetah and is pretty athletic (Don't laugh - that part is from her dad for sure!) She has the most beautiful green eyes, and brown hair - that just might turn blond this summer - with ringlets that go for miles! She means the world to me, and I love being her mom.

Greyson - This dude is a momma's boy. Wierd though, if I hadn't been in the very room he was born, I would question his authenticity as far as Murphy genes go. That kid is Francy through and through. Only thing he could have possible received from me is the blond hair. Otherwise, he is built Francy tough! He is in the TWO's stage. Which in our means you are a challenge. He wants me to hold him all of the time. He is starting to ride his tricycle. He also rides a plasma car like a madman. He also talks up a storm. The other day, he was watching David put steaks on the grill. He told David, "that's gigusging" (Disgusting)...and he hasn't said it once....he uses the word appropriately. He also says, "oh my goodness" and often uses the word "Because" as an answer...although he doesn't use it properly. He is also a total HAM. He makes faces with the best of them. I believe that he will be a lawyer. I am just calling it now. But he is the master manipulator.....ok - so maybe this is what he gets from me! I love being a boy-mom. And I am ready for 3!!! Come on 3!!!!

Ok - well that is enough boring information for now. I am going to try to do pics and update more often. Since I am a crappy mom who doesn't scrapbook...I want to have some kind of way to recall my kids after the years! Have a good week....Maybe I will get pics up!

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norma murphy said...

Yea!!!!! So glad you are blogging!! So miss grabbing pics of your blog and hearing your heart... I love it!! And please don't be so hard on yourself... YOU have been helping your family a TON these past months and we are so thankful... Praying for you more days to play with your friends... Love you, daughter!! Mom